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Report Date: June 15, 2021

Update from BHW Uganda Partnership Facilitator

Recent Events

before stormSchool

The school has managed to survive COVID-19 and the lockdown and has reopened with approximately 250 children and seven teachers. However, the school has struck significant problems with reopening, particularly because of the impact of termites which have largely destroyed the building (see photo below), thieves and a storm. 

Unfortunately, because the school buildings were not in use due to the school being closed as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, termites attacked, as they always do, and ate all of the books, desks and damaged the buildings themselves.

Thieves have also largely taken anything that was of any value or use as the school has not been able to afford a watchman. And, to cap it all off, there has also been a big storm which caused the collapse of a brand-new toilet block, the destruction of classrooms and the kitchen and cooking area for the new school (see before and after photos).

beforeThe other school in the Kween area which is on the old church and school site has effectively closed permanently as it has been unable to continue at all. James is therefore also having to deal with the fact that there will be additional students from that school who want to come to the new school at Kween.


Plans for the Future

beforeJames has sent through a request for US$11,000 to enable them to replace the school supplies that have been destroyed and get the school back up and running properly. This request is an unusual request as clearly James has encountered something that is completely out of their control and beyond their present resources. This request does not cover the cost of rebuilding the buildings which were damaged in the storm as the community will assist with rebuilding these.  



termitesJames and Gorret have done amazingly well to survive, and carry on the ministry both here and in Busia, even with all of the difficulties that have been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and this is evidence of the calibre of our partners here. I certainly want to see the school back up and running and succeeding well as it serves a very important purpose in this community. 

I have recommended sending US$6,000 to assist them with the re-establishment of this school (the BHW Executive has subsequently approved this). This will enable the school to be able to partially get back on its feet although is clearly not going to cover the huge damagewhole of the shortfall, however it will be of great assistance. The reason why I am not advocating for the full $11,000 is simply that I believe it is important for the school and the local community to find as many of their own resources as they can. 

James has reached out with this request because he is simply overwhelmed by the size of it, and the scale of destruction to both the school and the buildings. It is simply beyond them to make a lot of progress. He has also indicated that the community at Kween has suffered significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic and there is a great deal of poverty. The school parents were mobilised earlier on to build the new buildings and church but James has indicated that this is going to be much more difficult this time, after the pandemic.  At the same time I think we should be encouraging him to ensure that he encourages the people who are the direct beneficiaries to do what they can. That is the essence of recovery.