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Report Date: April 22, 2021

Update from BHW DR Congo Partnership Facilitator 

Recent Events


When BHW began to partner with Pastor Bingi he had a huge debt at the local hospital and he had no ability to pay it. Because of the debt, the hospital would take no more people through LASI. The debt has now been cleared and the hospital now prefers that people come to them through LASI because Bingi provides support that assists the hospital and the patients. He is very grateful for the ongoing support and the impact it is having in the lives of the people he serves.  

This remainder of this report is written by our Rehema partner, George. He is the leader of Rehema and provides the connection to Pastor Bingi and LASI. 

working togetherWe (Rehema) has partnered with Pastor Bingi for several years but he is now working independently. We just assist him in collecting and handing funds to his ministries. Bingi is however providing regular reports in French. These reports include:

1) How the ministry has established priority needs of the moment. Most often it is after discussion with them. The pressing needs for which assistance have been given include food, blankets, jackets, medicine, tarpaulins, etc.

2) How the ministry has identified the most vulnerable beneficiaries to whom assistance had to be provided. This is mostly children, women and elderly people.

3) How the ministry has made decisions on the good providers. Most of the time it is those who have provided better price.

providing assistance4) A distribution report, generally in a table comprising names and product received along with the quantity. As a result, LASI has assisted selected people from 100% of the households among the displaced where he is operating. This is 273 families which makes a total of 1,527 people.

Besides this we have received several calls from people, mostly pastors working in hard inland areas where there are many more vulnerable people with less available security. It is hard to serve in these areas especially with children. Several left their children in Bunia as in many cases militiamen could come to kidnap their children.

Most of Pastor Bingi's work in the past was in the very informal camp near to the hospital. However, a new, more organised camp has been established about 1 km away. This helps with the work. A number of small, informal camps have also sprung up around the town.

One issue many people encounter when arriving in the camps is that their food changes so they end up with stomach issues. He is working hard to try and obtain much more local food to provide to them. Medication, food and clothing are the main needs. 


Personal Stories 


After prayer, it came to LASI's thoughts to consider assisting children between 3 and 10 years old with heavy jackets to cope with the cold. Bingi worked on identifying the most vulnerable children and found at least 115 children who had no sweater or jacket at all. Thus, jackets were purchased in the local market to assist these children. The Rehema team visited them late in the evening so as to minimize attention in the camp.

Among the jacket beneficiaries were Suzana’s three children. In the recent commotion, Suzana lost her husband in a small nearby village and fled to Bunia with seven children. One of her children died in the camp as he developed pneumonia. As Bingi distributed jackets, after a word of prayer and chorus, we could see great joy and a sense of special relief from both the children and parents. Suzana, who was very encouraged with the donation, requested us to convey special gratitude to all our partners in this ministry.

Bingi added that from all the assistance people have received so far, nothing has been provided to help with the cold. He was concerned about protecting the children against the cold at this rainy season when the cold would increase. He expressed special appreciation as 115 vulnerable children received jackets that would prevent them from possible health complications resulting from the cold.

survivorsAs we visited Pastor Bingi recently, we met a survivor from a nearby village that was attacked by a militia group.The child, carried by the grandmother, and the grandmother are looking in different directions. The grandmother is focused on the direction to flee with her grandson and find safety after having lost everything in her village. Her concern is escaping. The little boy, responding to the name of Christopher, is looking behind, towards the courtyard of the small village where the bodies of his father, his mother and his other brothers and sisters who did not survive the rebel attack that night are. Little Christopher and his grandmother were the only members of the family to escape.

Behind the grandmother and the little boy we can see the refugee camp which will soon become their new home. Those who have suffered a similar fate as Christopher and his grandmother await them there. This is where they will stay, for how long no one knows. The macabre event that took place that night in Christopher’s village will forever change the little boy's life. He will never be the same again. Will he end up in the streets of Bunia begging like thousands of other children? Will he be able to understand one day why his parents and his other brothers and sisters have been slaughtered? Will he forgive those who massacred his family? And what about his future, his education, his life, his family? 

Beyond all these questions, perhaps the most important are these: What will the love of God mean to him in a region where human beings are slain like animals? What meaning will the many Christian churches have for him which sing of the love of God in an environment where people cannot live in peace? The image of the massacre in his village that night will forever be attached to his mind and may affect him and many others in subsequent generations.  

And what about so many other vulnerable children and women who are in prison in Bunia for various reasons but cannot get the attention of a community where life has become so difficult? Once released what will they become if they do not meet Christ and begin to think and behave with a kingdom mindset?


Ideas for the Future

no end in sightIt is hard to imagine that the flow of vulnerable and traumatised people will ever stop. For as long as he is able Bingi will continue serving the needs of those who arrive with no one to assist them. The people just keep flowing in from the many issues East Congo is facing. This includes health and violence in rural villages, many of which have been totally emptied out of people. 

The intention is to continue serving them and their needs, primarily connecting them to medical help but also trying to support them to reestablish themselves in the camp environment. 


Current Issues and Challenges

The large numbers of people needing help. There are always more needs than resources. 

The seemingly unending flow of people creates many issues. The most recent is from the area of Nyankunde where rebels attacked the Mission Station. Many of those coming are Christians. 


Prayer and Praise Points 

1) That LASI has developed a great relationship with the hospital and is the only local group with the resources to really help.
2) That Pastor Bingi would remain strong enough to continue the work and be preserved in this brutal place.
3) That somehow there would be some resolution to all the violence so there can be at least a measure of peace. 



Pastor Bingi is doing a phenomenal work. I just do not know how he manages to stay sane and not fold under the relentless pressure of the traumatised he has to deal with on a constant basis.