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Report Date: September 3, 2021

Update from BHW Egypt Partnership Facilitator 

Recent Events


This programme began early in 2020, just as COVID-19 was being noticed in the world. The purpose was to give loans to poor Christian families, mainly women, in areas where our partner had contacts. She had begun a small loan programme previously with a one-off amount she had been given and it was proving to be very successful. The main reason for the success was the discovery of a very efficient woman who had the abililty and capacity to oversee a programme like this.  

So it began, and despite the onset of COVID-19, it is proving to be very effective. The families who have received loans so far are from two villages in the south and a few from nearer to Cairo. More than 100 families have so far taken micro-loans. They have commenced successful small projects to earn money that covers their needs and the repayment of the loans. To date all the loans have, or are being, repaid so it is proving to be very beneficial.


supporting her familyPersonal Stories


Mary is a university student. She has seven brothers and sisters. Her mother is paralyzed and her father is a simple man without work. This was a very difficult situation for this large family. Mary felt responsibility towards her family so she took a loan, bought a few goats and is raising them. Every five months she sells the offspring and earns money for her family. In addition, she continues to study at university. 

Her story has inspired many people in her village, that a young girl is responsible for seven brothers and sisters, a paralyzed mother and sick father. 


providing for her familyAfaf

Afaf lives in a poor village and has three children. She wanted to open her own little project in order to cover her family’s needs for food, clothes, education and medication. She took a loan and opened a shop selling snacks, cookies and soft drinks. The project is going well. She earns good money such that she can take care of her three children. She pays back the loan regularly. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

The influence of this partnership is very strong. Families are reporting that despite the pandemic they are able to eat better meals. The children are not sick so frequently. They have not been able to send their children to school because of COVID but they expect they will be able to do that when the schools reopen.  

Pastors are reporting that their people are very encouraged and are able to give more which helps the pastors as well! This has huge potential. 


Plans for the Future 

As the loan amounts increase over the next few years this project will continue to have a great impact in many more families.  


Current Issues and Challenges 

The biggest single issue is the disturbance of COVID. It means that family life is disturbed, children cannot get to school, movement is restricted thereby affecting some businesses, and the team cannot travel easily to and fro as freely as they would like to.


Prayer and Praise Points 

1) That the project has begun so well in difficult circumstances.
2) That people's businesses have largely gone well and they are making a living and able to repay the loans successfully.
3) Pray for the businesses to succeed despite the difficulties.
4) That the impact of COVID will be limited in their villages.  



This is a great little project. The leadership makes it successful by knowing the people, good training and monitoring.  

We should continue on with the plan into the future and get there as soon as possible to visit and assess things on the ground.