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Report Date: February 23, 2021

2020 Update from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitators

Key Person: Rodgers Ade, Daniel and Magdalene Ogutu

We were not able to visit in 2020 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. 

another challengeRecent Events

2020 was a hard year globally. Kenya not only faced the challenge of a global pandemic but also devastating locust outbreaks and severe flooding. Mathare Community Outreach Programme had to close its doors during the initial lockdowns and attempt to create home learning programmes. This was challenging as the majority of families in the slum do not own devices or have access to internet. The government attempted a learning programme on TV which also failed due to the same reasons.

MCO had to send all of their staff home on unpaid leave indefinitely and they had great concern for their wellbeing. Generous donors were able to support MCO financially during this time which was a massive help.

The school also recently had a fire nearby which burned down a number of neighbouring residential homes, their library and the roofs of two classrooms.

in need of repairsMathare was able to reopen on the 4th January 2021 and students have returned to their education with some challenges.   


Partnership's Influence within the Community

Through the pandemic, with the help of donors and the Bright Hope World COVID appeal fund, MCO has been able to provide support to the staff with shopping vouchers. Food was also provided to the most vulnerable families of the students. 


condemned classroomCurrent Issues and Challenges

One of the main challenges for Mathare now is social distancing for their students. Two classrooms have recently been condemned and they are not able to provide isolation rooms in their four schools which is required by the government. In December they had a fire near the school which burned down neighbouring homes, part of their library and the roofs of two classrooms. They have raised part of the funds to repair this but still need another US$2,000. 


Prayer and Praise Points

challenging times1) Praise God that they have been able to reopen their school even though they have not been able to meet all of the government's requirements for social isolation.
2) Praise for the staff's support of the students and their wellbeing despite the pandemic.
3) Pray for Kenya as a country, for the government to make wise decisions on how they navigate the pandemic, specifically with schools and education.
4) Pray for the school for finance for the repairs required after the fire, protection, health of its staff and students. Prayer is also needed for the students BHW supports, for their overall wellbeing and their education during this difficult time.
5) Pray for Rodgers, that God would continue to fill him with the strength, grace, and wisdom he needs to do the work he does. 



It has been a difficult year for MCO and it has been challenging not being able to visit them during this time. They are resilient though and we were impressed by their willingness to support those in their communities during the worst of the pandemic. Their concern for their students' wellbeing during the pandemic was obvious and it is a relief to see the school be able to reopen now. They have a long road ahead of them still as they adjust to their new norm and the pandemic continues to be a reality in Kenya.