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Report Date: April 23, 2020

Update from Hanitra 

Dear friends,

There have been many changes in the world around us since I last wrote back late in December. Now nearly every nation on earth has been dramatically affected, if not by the actual virus, then by loss of jobs and freedoms, coupled with loneliness and fear. I have been praying daily that God would have mercy on us, our nations, and our leaders, as well as the remaining least reached peoples of the world. None of us "deserve" this mercy, for we are sinners one and all, but may God delight by grace to remove this virus quickly so that the Gospel might continue to be proclaimed freely among all the remaining least reached peoples of the world!

I am doing well, had a great start with a personal week of prayer and fasting in January followed by the OM team retreat. It was great spending time together seeking God’s face. Late in March, the 22nd, the first case of the virus was declared in Madagascar and the next day the capital was locked down. Our office has been closed and each team member has been working remotely since then. However, markets and streets are still as busy as it used to be in a normal day in the morning time, people are not aware and some of them are not mindful of the measures. There is no public transport or taxis available and because of that our mobility is very limited. 

The Lord has encouraged me through this word: “As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work” John 9:4. 

The team have been encouraged to find ways to continue to be a witness and share the message of hope. We have started our house church and reach out to our neighboring community. I have started to offer good books to read to friends on social media, 20 have received orders and some of them have sent a feedback of their readings. The coaching of the two core youth ministry leaders in the south is now done more frequently every week, we discuss different issues they face in their group such as child brides, sustainability, schooling, personal develop plans. The youth are passionate to share the Gospel but need to grow in biblical literacy and discipleship. 

Currently, our country is starting the process of deconfinement, buses are starting to work and schools will start to re-open their doors this week. None was recorded dead of the virus in Madagascar but people are desperate to meet their daily needs. When I see the waves crashing down around me and in the world, staying the same doesn’t seem to be an option.  May the Father sanctify us in this difficult season; to make us more like Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit! 

I am so thankful to God for allowing me to continue to serve Him with you. May God continue to bless you and watch over you and your family. I am believing for the best over your lives, even during these trying times. You are appreciated.

Please pray for the countless seeds planted through the years, that this year would be a season of harvest and "that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored"! (2 Thes. 3:1)

In Him