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LEB01 - Boucheriyeh Refugee Support and Intervention: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: May 5, 2019

Report from BHW Partnership Facilitator Following Visit 

Key people:
Pastor Charlie Costa, Ras Baptist Church
Pastor Bassam Haddad in the suburb of Sed el-Baouchriyeh


Recent Events


love for SyriansThe influx of refugees is having a very detrimental impact on the Lebanese economy, as it presents a largely uneducated and cheap labour force. There is increased crime and immorality, especially prostitution networks exploiting Syrian women.

The UN provides some food aid, but not enough. According to Charlie, Ras Baptist Church spends US$40k a year on assisting refugees, particularly with basic needs and medicine. Out in Sed el-Baouchriyeh Pastor Bassam (right), with the funds provided by BHW, is helping about 100 families each month, with different families being helped on a constantly changing basis. The task is challenging, but stable, as no new refugees are coming. 

The centre in Baouchriyeh is open “all day for all people for all needs”. Bassam is not trying to lure people with relief, but genuinely engage with the Gospel. Relief is secondary. As well as food and clothing etc. he is helping with English and computing classes.

They have also recently undertaken a ‘winterisation’ project in Aleppo assisting 120 families with blankets, heaters and heating oil. 


youth retreatCamps

As well as the refugee church in Baouchriyeh, Bassam runs camps for mostly refugee children each month in Ain Dara. These are held at a youth retreat he has set up near the Syrian border on some family land. Ain Dara is an hour or two drive from Beirut up into the hills and the camp is at a pretty remote outcrop of land. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

having a significant impactThere is a significant impact being had on Moslem refugees from Syria as they experience God’s love through the practical help of food, clothing, assistance with their accommodation search, and spiritual help in small groups and church fellowship in the suburb of Sed el-Bouchrieh.

Bassam says that “Jesus is passing through the Middle East with Moslem people”, meaning that there is a work of God happening. Dreams and visions among Moslem people about Jesus are common, and they are increasingly keen to learn more.


Ideas for the Future

Charlie would like the partnership to move more towards people coming and working among the refugees for several weeks at a time. He believes that, even though this would be expensive, “some things can’t be measured in money”. He believes it would be a huge encouragement to the refugees for people to come in this way.