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Report Date: February 14, 2019

Update from Murray Suisted, SOWERS International 


Emmanuel is still very involved with SOWERS both within DRC and without. He launched the work in Central African Republic in late 2017 and also went to Côte d’Ivoire at our request to relaunch the work there last year and his diplomacy skills were exceptional. He is returning there in February 2019 to train the new SOWERS Board Members and will continue on to Togo (at our request) for two weeks to launch the work there.

In the meantime he is overseeing the work of SOWERS in DRC and on the 16th and 17th January he presided over the SOWERS DRC AGM in Lubumbashi. In addition he still has some involvement with deaf churches and with the Barnabas School of Leadership. After 35 years’ service with Emmaus, he has handed that responsibility over to someone else.

A few years ago, Emmanuel took his sketchboard into the prisons to preach and was overcome with the deplorable conditions. He set about organising food for prisoners who were starving to death. He also became aware of the plight of the deaf in DRC and set out to do something about it. He learnt sign language and had an opportunity to present a TV programme reaching the deaf for Christ. He has started training centres for them so they have employment and a future and he has also trained deaf evangelists who reach the deaf. I think he has overseen the planting of three churches for the deaf. Through his work with the deaf, he has been sponsored to two conferences outside of DRC that I am aware of. 

Emmanuel has been blessed with a sharp mind, is a quick learner (he speaks five languages), relates very well cross culturally, and is a committed servant of God. He will always be a leader, an instigator, a mover and shaker. It is who he is, it is in his DNA. When Ken Rout stopped visiting DRC in the 1990’s because of the political situation, every single Sower stopped sowing….except Emmanuel. Over the intervening 10-12 years, he planted 35 churches. When David and I visited in 2008 and sat in a room of about 35 Sowers, Emmanuel was the only one who had used the training that he had been entrusted with.

From a SOWERS Executive point of view, we see him as a key guy and are looking to him to take up greater responsibility within SOWERS with preliminary discussions already having been had regarding a couple of areas. We really value him, his insight and input and appreciate BHW’s continued support of him.