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Report Date: March 20, 2018

Report from BHW India Partnership Facilitator 


In January 2018 Bright Hope World ran a summit in Bangalore for all our Indian and Nepalese partners. This was an amazing time which almost every one of our partners attended. In total we had about 40 people from India and Nepal and another nine from New Zealand, England and the USA. 

We prayed this would be a time where our partners met one another (many for the first time), learned from each other, were encouraged in the Lord, and went home inspired to keep serving the Lord in their communities. The Lord answered our prayer. 

It was so encouraging, and inspiring, to listen to every partner share their ministry’s story. From those who have been serving in ministry for 30+ years, to those who have just started in the past 18 months, every story impacted this gathering of believers. 

Running the conference in Bangalore meant I couldn’t visit each of the partners in their own environment and so I am only able to provide a brief update from each of the partnerships. 


summaryDelhi Bible Institute, Delhi and North India - Isaac and Gloria Shaw

It was wonderful to see Isaac again at the summit in Bangalore. Gloria Junior (his daughter) also attended as her mother was unable to. It was great to see the passion for ministry flowing through the next generation of Shaws.

Isaac presented a clear summary of the vision of DBI, the challenges and the highlights. The latest summary of DBI's ministry can be found in their annual report, we have provided a summary below:

“I am grateful to the Lord to report that Delhi Bible Institute had another fruitful year 2017 in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through 340 different discipleship, training, and vocational programs, we equipped 9,808 disciples. These new disciples were a witness to the transformation, reconciliation and restoration with God and men that the gospel provides.” Isaac Shaw

training centre



The work of DBI never ceases to amaze us. There are now seven ashram training centres established throughout North India. The Church is now meeting in 153 locations all over North India, and the stories of lives transformed continue to be told.


impacting ladies



Bright Hope has partnered with DBI for many years now, particularly in the area of training women to sew (IND13). 218 women completed the sewing training in 2017. 




Isaac reminded us all that ministry is a journey that requires constant review and reflection before the Lord. We need to continually ensure that the focus is still right. The diagram below illustrates the journey DBI has taken since 1954 through many changes. 




We are looking forward to visiting the Shaws again (hopefully in 2019), and visiting some of the Ashrams to meet and hear the stories of those being impacted by this wonderful work.