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Report Date: November 21, 2017

Report from BHW Pakistan Partnership Facilitator Following Visit


Key person: Azam Gill 

Recent Events


Ayub with motorbikeThey have been building a shop in the compound of Azam’s family. It is up to roof height and the roof is about to be added. 

A motorbike has been purchased for Ayub to move around the villages. Initially it was thought a tuk tuk would be best but many of the village roads are too narrow for the wider vehicle and a motorbike has been purchased instead. He travels up to 50 kms to villages to sell sewing materials. 

I visited and stayed in the village for two nights. Each night there was a group of people around asking questions and talking well into the night. Azam and Barbara were there as well. The Christians have been very discouraged and quite confused. The New Apostolic Church came into the village and promised a lot but it’s only caused confusion so we spent a lot of time encouraging them. I spoke at the church meeting on the Sunday morning as well as visiting the sewing centres in the four villages.  


salesmanThere are two aspects to the plan:

1) Three men have been contracted to sell sewing patterns and materials around the rural villages. Ayub, Azam’s brother, his son and the son of Mushtaq (the adult literacy teacher) do this. They are building up the client base in the villages and building trust. They buy patterns and material packs and carry them on the bikes. The people buy the patterns and get them stitched in the village. They make US$2-$4 per packet. 

2) The shop. Once this is finished the women will be making clothing to sell at the shop. They have already begun building up stock. 10–12 women will work at this, the better sewers from the four villages although most will be from the home village. They also buy the unstitched patterns and sew them so they are able to keep up with the latest trends. They will make women’s, men’s and children’s clothing for sale. 

By the end of 2017 they hope to be close to full production capacity but it will take some time for the business to build up. 


good businessPartnership's Influence within the Community

The Christians in this community who are benefiting from the project are very excited. While I was there they were constantly telling me how important this is for their people. Their morale has been very low and this has given them a boost to know they are not forgotten by the church internationally. 


Current Issues and Challenges

Getting the project up and running. There are many issues that make it difficult to run a business in this community. 


changing livesPrayer and Praise Points

1) That the project is underway

2) They need to get some good networks developed and cash flow



The business is underway but now they have to consolidate it. The potential is there and already the guys out selling are doing better than breaking even. However, they have to get the shop operating at a profit and that will be the real test.