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Report Date: August 8, 2017

Report from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitator Following Visit


Key people: Steven and Rosemary Daka

We met with Steven and Rosemary at the Bright Hope World Partner Conference we held at GLO, Ndola. 


Recent Events

Orphans Program

They now have 27 orphans on the program, being helped with school fees and other school requirements. They are struggling with increasing costs and are meeting with the guardians to try and figure out a way forward with this program.

They meet with the orphans every Saturday at Rosemary’s place. They desire to teach these orphans to become leaders and to know the word of God. They are trying to ensure they are following the two greatest commands, to love God with all you have and to love your neighbor as yourself. 

Farming Training

They are going to invite Norman Tonga to help train guardians in the area in Foundations for Farming. This used to be done in this area by the late Lonard Daka and people are willing to learn these new methods.

This year there has been a bumper harvest which has meant the price of farm produce has really dropped low. Now a 50kg bag of shelled maize is being sold for 30ZMK (US$3.50), which is about 50% down on last year’s prices. People are trying to store maize and sell it later in the year when food becomes less available. 

Income Generation

The building for a grinding mill that they started last year remains unfinished to roof level, with no roof. 

The cost to finish this for a grinding mill project is very large so they are looking at other options for the building, i.e. chicken run or just setting it up as a rental property. This may be the best option as it requires less supervision (the area is 26km away), and the area has been upgraded with Zesco power lines passing through the village and the school being upgraded to secondary, not just primary school.

The chief that “sold” them the land can invoke a non-use of property right if they don’t start using the land within the next two years.


Ideas for the Future

A focus needs to be on getting Steven trained in Foundations for Farming via Norman Tonga, and then seeing if he can develop into that role.



This year the records were kept very well, with a book showing all the monies received from the bank and the bank statements presented to us. Receipts were also presented for us to inspect. The budget is to remain the same for 2018.