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Report Date: May 18, 2017

Update from Oscar Tello



Dear very appreciated fellow believers,

grateful to GodAs a family we are very grateful to the Lord because He is always faithful in everything and has never failed to provide everything we need as a family. Thanks to Him we have experienced unity and harmony and above all He has sustained us every day through His Word. We continue to visit the families who, as yet, don’t know the Lord and we speak to them about the Word of God, and in this way they are coming to know God.  

Our children, Briana and Filip, are doing very good in their studies and they make the most of opportunities to testify of their faith to their school mates and the teachers and invite them to church. They also like to give away tracts to people as they walk down the streets. 

Our major joy is to serve the Lord as a family and to remain in Him serving in His work. God gave me the opportunity to serve in the Segadores missionary organisation and to serve as its president, on top of the work in the jungle with the missionaries. Another responsibility that the Lord has given me is in the area of tribal investigation and contact, where I plan visits to remote Amazon jungle areas to attempt to make contact with unreached tribes. In recent years there have been a number of tribes, ethnic communities, discovered who have never had contact with the outside world! I have also been able, as a result, to put together prayer cards for the various ethnic jungle tribes who have not been reached for the Lord, in our Amazon. 

My wife leads the Segadores missionary intercession group, calling the rural missionaries and asking them for prayer points which she then shares in the prayer meetings, praying for the needs of the missionaries.  

We are really happy when we get to travel as a family to the native communities in the Amazon jungle. Our children get great joy in sharing with the community children.  

My wife is well, she has some niggles with her back and throat but she has overcome them. 

The difficulties that we have experienced in our family has been Briana’s health, she suffers from bronchitis which is brought on by climate changes. My own health has not been great the past few months. My doctor has diagnosed me with deep vein thrombosis which has impeded my ability to walk due to the intense pain in my leg. This has limited my programmed activities in the Segadores’ work. I hope, with the Lord’s help, to overcome this illness and continue with the trips to the most isolated Amazonian tribes, but in the meantime it has not stopped me from working from home coordinating the work of jungle missionaries and also in the Segadores office, working on projects to carry out in the Amazonian communities. Brother and sisters, it is really frustrating not being able to travel into the jungle. It is as if I am being starved of oxygen and can’t breathe because it was in the jungle where the Lord opened my eyes to the Gospel and He gave me the opportunity to serve in His work.  

My desire is to finish my life serving Him until the end of my life in the work of the Lord amongst the ethnic people groups of the Amazon. 


Personal Stories

Victor Soto

When we initiated the work amongst the Asháninca tribe in the central jungle we met an Ashanican man named Victor Soto. He helped in the church but he was a very hard man with a difficult character and we didn’t see any change in his life or in the lives of his family members. Through years of working with him and by forming a friendship we shared the Word of God with him. He gave his life to the Lord and now Victor is recognised in the community as a good Christian and an example to others. Victor has taken on the responsibility to teach the adults and children in the communities in the area. He is also now a Segadores missionary. This is the kind of change that God brings about in the lives of the tribal people, thanks be to our Father. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) For the Segadores missionary base in Atalaya (city in the Amazon jungle), that God will provide for the construction of the missionary houses. 

2) For more cross cultural missionaries to come and work amongst the jungle tribes, long term. 

3) For my family’s health, my recuperation to full health and for a house. 


Thank you to each and every one of you for standing with us and for upholding us with your prayers and your offerings towards the Segadores missionary work. It is our prayer to God that He bless you abundantly according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. 


Your fellow worker in the Lord,
Oscar, Aura, Briana and Filip Tello