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Report Date: May 13, 2016

Report from Mathare Community Outreach January to March 2016


Recent Events

The following farming activities continue to be carried out in Maseno:


new houseThere are five dairy cattle at Magwar farm. One is being milked and the milk sold to the discipleship team (KEN06a). The cow shed has been finished and the cows are now confined to graze in two paddocks. Two were serviced and we pray they deliver by the end of the year.

The farm has had some harrowing done to help control water flooding.

We have started building a house for a farm manager at Magwar farm to enable close care of the dairy cows.


We had kept 347 chickens. They have been laying 130 eggs per day which are sold and then used to meet the running costs. In the month of February there was an outbreak of Newcastle disease that left 75 chickens dead. Treatment was carried out but this affected the production of eggs. The veterinary officers advised that all the chickens should be sold and the place completely disinfected before new ones are brought in. Some chickens have been sold and the proceeds used in their maintenance.


The farm has grown kale (sukuma wiki), cassava and sweet potatoes in the open field at the Discipleship School. These have been consumed by the students in discipleship training.

good cropThe greenhouse has not been used. The area has experienced a dry spell hence there was no water to use. A plan to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse is underway.

We hired one and half acres of land last year which was used to plant maize. We were able to harvest 12 x 90 kg bags of maize. The students doing discipleship training were able to support in harvesting the maize.

The same piece of land has been hired again and the students have planted maize again.  


Ideas for the Future

Buy a tractor for income generating purposes. The tractor will be used to plough our farms and can be used to plough other people’s farms for a fee. The tractor can be connected to a trailer for transport services again at a fee for sustainability.

Improve farming in Maseno as an income generating activity. 

More land has also been acquired some distance from Magwar and this may be able to be developed as well. It has better water and no flooding so it may be better suited to other activities. 


Current Issues and Challenges

The farm tends to flood during the rainy season hence there is a need to control the problem by building trenches and an open well to hold water. A budget has been prepared for the same.

The outer fence also needs urgent repairs. Some poles have rotten as a result of the flooding.  


Prayer and Praise Points

Pray for funds to enable us to complete building a manager's house at the farm. It is a two bedroomed house.

Pray that we will be able to recruit a qualified Christian farm manager to bring the much needed change in Maseno for sustainability. The current manager’s contract is coming to an end at the end of April. An advertisement has been placed for candidates with bias in Agriculture and/or Animal husbandry. It is open for both diploma and degree holders.