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Report Date: March 21, 2016

Report by BHW Field Director Following Visit 5-8th March


Key person: Edward Qasar

Recent Events

Original Computer Centre

The last visit to Lahore by BHW team members was in February 2013. Two attempts have been made since then but had to be aborted due to unrest and a bombing. In 2013 a large computer training centre was opened in the area at a facility run by Don Bosco, funded by World Vision. This attracted almost all the people who wanted training as it was in a better location and well set up. 

By that time the programme had been running for three years and they had trained around 600 people and helped them become computer literate. So, in 2014 the centre was closed down and the computer equipment stored. 

Strategy Change

During 2014 and 2015 the team changed their strategy to take their vision wider than just the streets around their house in Youhanabad. They began visiting and preaching and helping in other places. As they moved about they found a place where there was no computer or vocational training
readily available. Therefore towards the end of 2015 they found a place to commence a new programme and in February 2016 a new centre commenced. 

keen to learnI visited the new centre in Khaliq Nagar, about a 15 minute walk from the house in Youhanabad. They are establishing a community centre and ministry base in that township / village. It’s like a village in the city, many cows and it feels quite rural. I met the new group of students who are just beginning their course. There are no other opportunities like this for young people in the area. 


Personal Stories

Two of the guys who came as students to the first computer training course in 2010 became trainers in the project a couple of years later. During that time their spiritual interest was ignited and they became full on followers of Jesus. 

After the project closed down, they have both become involved in full time Christian ministry in their local streets pastoring small house churches. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

The centre had a great reputation in the community and had the effect of bringing many people into the influence of the family. Most of those who studied at the centre now have employment. I met some of them while visiting and they are so thankful for the opportunity. It really has been a good influence in the lives of many. 

Having the centre also helped the church to grow and contact many young people and their families. From understanding the situation many of the young people faced at home, sewing classes have been started for many women and the Brilliant Students Scholarship Programme (PAK07) has also been commenced.  


Current Issues and Challenges

Getting the new centre operating and gaining a good reputation in this new community will have its challenges. It is different starting a new thing in a community where you are not so well known to starting in your own community. They don’t have the relational capital there and it will take time to build that up. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) The impact the centre had on so many people. It’s disappointing that another centre started but it forced them to review their activities and move them out into more needy places. 

2) That the new area will become a real harvest ground and see many families blessed. 



It’s great to see the team here responding to the changes in the community. It is also good to see that they are thinking creatively about using what they have been given and not letting it die.

They don’t require any assistance with this, they have the resources to make it work and the equipment. They are down to six computers with wear and tear, but it’s all good and the centre is up and running.