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Report Date: June 23, 2015

Report from BHW Sth America Partnership Facilitator Following Visit in May


key familyRecent Events


Jorge and Cecilia are involved in a number of activities/programmes;

1) Discipleship and leadership studies with a group of 6-7 young people. They are between 22 and 27 years old and are keen to study the Bible. Jorge and Cecilia also take them with them when they go to evangelise in the villages that form part of the church's evangelism programme.

key town2) They lead the evangelism programme at their church. They and the church leaders have identified four towns to concentrate on; San Juan, Chilete (see photo), Contumaza and Cascabamba. They have both planted churches in these towns and also worked with very small existing churches. They have been considering other villages to work in but there is a lack of personnel.

3) Along with the church leadership they have managed the chicken farm project (PER05b) that BHW funded and have paid back the loan. The focus of the project has changed from raising and selling chickens, to simply leasing out the buildings and land to a vet who raises turkeys and sells them as this was more lucrative. This has proved to be the best way ahead for the project. 

fellow full time worker4) Training young people in personal evangelism and open air evangelism. Along with Whilser Cacho (see photo), a fellow elder and full time worker, they train young people to evangelise in the streets of Cajamarca.



Personal Stories

Recently a number of leaders in the church have left as they have been more interested in chasing worldly things, these people are in the 40 year old range. This has proved to be frustrating and disappointing for Jorge and Cecilia, however it has opened up some great opportunities as a number of younger Christians (6-7) have expressed their desire to be committed to leading and evangelising. Jorge and Cecilia are discipling and training this group. 


might have to goIdeas for the Future

In regards to the area of the church land that is leased out to the vet for raising turkeys, there have been complaints from neighbours about the smell which may mean that in the future the turkey farm may have to be removed. An alternative that they have in mind might be to raise guinea pigs as they don’t smell like the turkeys or make as much noise. 


Current Issues and Challenges

There is a lack of interest among the Christians 40 years and over to take leadership. Efforts now are being aimed at younger Christians, training and discipling them for leadership roles. There is a group of 6 to 7 younger people in the 22 to 27 year range who are willing to study the Bible and be involved in the church’s evangelism programme, both local and regional. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) A greater impact for the Gospel in the towns where they are evangelising
2) For continued good health
3) For a strong family life

1) For the group of 6 -7 young people who have a desire to serve God
2) For the financial help that has come about through the chicken/turkey project