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Report Date: June 23, 2015

Report from BHW Sth America Partnership Facilitator Following Visit in May


Recent Events


keen manSeverino visits two villages in the Cajamarca, Peru region three days during the week. The bus trip takes 3 hours one way.

The two villages are called Bambamarca and El Auque. There are 15 Christians in Bambamarca and 10 in El Auque. Severino spends his time there in friendship evangelism and also in discipleship of the local Christians. The two small churches are dependent on him for their spiritual wellbeing. He prepares study material to use when he goes to these villages.

They are not at a stage where they have mature leaders. 


Ideas for the Future

Severino’s vision for the future is to bring the churches to a point where they have the missionary vision to go out to villages that are further into the countryside from Bambamarca and El Auque.

Also that they have committed leadership.


Current Issues and Challenges

A current issue for Severino and Maria Corpus his wife, is Maria’s health. She has had osteoporosis for the past 12 years. 

Another issue would be that he would like to find another person to accompany him and to capture the same vision, as he isn’t getting any younger. 


Prayer and Praise Points

The churches are meeting together without his prompting. This is encouraging as it is a sign they are starting to stand on their own.

1) Good health for his wife
2) Someone else to go with him



Severino and Maria Corpus are very committed to the vision of extending the Gospel into the rural areas of Cajamarca. Severino spends three days per week in two villages, discipling and evangelising, however they are based in the city of Cajamarca. One observation that we would make is that they are not permanently based in their physical area of work, and we wonder how much more the work would prosper if they were to base themselves there.

Severino receives travel costs for his trips to Bambamarca and El Auque and also an equivalent wage of about US$13 per day for the three days he is there, from the CBC church which he is a member of. This is Godofredo and Teresa’s church too (PER01).