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Report Date: June 6, 2015

Bangkok Mission Centre June Prayer Update


Greetings from the team working with the Mission Centre in Bangkok! Here are our prayer requests and testimonies of what we see God doing here in Thailand. 

We are so encouraged by those who pray for us; your prayers are so much more powerful than you realize! 

Noi & Sud (THA09)

new churchNoi and Sud have moved to Lopburi where they are pastoring the Buachum church and looking to set up a sustainable farm that will support evangelism and church-planting in Central Thailand. 

God is blessing their work and new believers are being baptised every week. The testimony of a young woman recently healed from AIDS has influenced many people towards faith in Christ. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. 

John & Nok (THA08)

discipling peopleJohn and Nok are working towards the goal of seeing disciple-making movements all over Thailand because this is the command of Jesus: Go and make disciples of all nations. John and Nok feel that if they focus on making disciples, then those disciples will multiply and worship Jesus in new churches. Their strategy is to work intensely with every new believer, training them to show love and testify of their new life in Christ among their network of family and friends. If every new believer does this, Thailand will be won to Christ remarkably quickly! 

Ten-year old Nong Bank decided to follow Jesus because of the change in his grandma. Instead of yelling at him all the time, after she became a Christian she was much more patient, and her words were kind and encouraging. Nok said she cried when Nong Bank hugged his grandma and promised that from now on, they would pray together that the rest of the family would also come to know the Lord. John and Nok testify that they are seeing many families come to Christ, and that as people find freedom in Him, they are being set free from bondage to demons.

John and Nok are also beginning to do some great work with Burmese believers in their local area. 

Prayer Requests:

new believers1) Please pray for the ministry amongst the Burmese people living in Pathumthani, that God will use Pt. church when we meet them every Sunday 2.00 pm. We will start on Sunday 12th July to evangelise the Burmese who live near by. About 100 Burmese believers will come together and between 100-200 lost Burmese people will also come to Pt. church at that day.

2) Please pray for Pastor Isaiah, Pastor Sunday and the local leaders group, that God will protect them and prepare the hearts of the people to receive the good news.

3) Please pray for us to teach our people to love the Burmese and honour them the same way that Jesus does.

4) Please also pray for Samruay and Yui . They are going to Supanburi every Sunday afternoon to teach Bible lessons about the kingdom of God. We have about 20-30 believers waiting for them in Supanburi. Pray that miracles, signs and wonders will follow them and make Jesus well known at Supanburi. 

The photos are of John (centre) with Pastor Isaiah and Pastor Sunday; and the Burmese church gathering.  


Prasert / Top Kids (THA01b and c)

local kidsLast week Tee and I went on a mission trip to Fang, Chiang Mai where we visited some Thai Yai villages. Thai Yai are tribal people from Myanmar. We were very encouraged to meet many believers who are so hungry for God. They want to learn and draw close to God, and reach out to their own people. It was a very worthwhile time and a real blessing to get to know Pastor Tip and his family who are now leading about 30 houses churches in Thai Yai villages.

Prayer requests:
1) Please pray for the children who have started intermediate and high school, may they find new friends and do well with their studies.

hot day2) Many families in Tungsonghong are very worried about their finances, please pray that God will provide enough for each family. Praise God that we have been able to provide some school uniforms for the children in the neediest families, through this gift may they know that God loves and cares for them.

3)  Please pray for our regular weekly program at the House of Hope
- Tuesday - music day
- Thursday - English day
- Saturday - Top Kids program with worship and a bible story
- Sunday – a worship service for the children and their families

4) Our Tungsonghong Family Camp is planned for 9-11 October 2015. As we start to pray for children and families, we hope to see more whole families come to know Jesus.

Photos are from our recent trip to Fang - enjoying our visit with the local children, and cooling off in the stream. 


young leadersChuenjit (THA07)

God is working in the young people at the Youth Remand Centre where I have Bible studies with a group of new believers on Friday and Saturdays.

Please pray for Joshua and Pao as they prepare themselves for their University exams at the beginning of July.

Three of my young leaders – Joshua, Pao and Wava - will be helping at the Simply the Story training on the 6th June, please pray that the young people will be equipped to use stories to disciple the new believers at the Youth Remand home. 

The photo is of Chuenjit with Joshua and Pao