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Bright Hope World is committed to use donations as cost effectively as possible. We do this out of respect for the poor, it is their right to get as much as possible and our responsibility to deliver as much as possible. This is achieved through partnerships based on mutual trust and integrity and on the basis of clear understandings. These understandings are usually revisited and re-established annually.

We prefer to use the term partnership, rather than project. To us, partnership indicates a long term engagement and a genuine friendship and respect between the partners. We do not go into a place looking for something to do, we go into a place looking for someone who is doing something good, and we develop a relationship that sometimes emerges into an agreement to share resources.

In our projects we:

  • assist families, widows and orphaned children

  • encourage people to be independent

  • support the initiatives of local churches and leaders

  • are financially accountable

  • respect and honour local leadership

  • visit regularly

  • support the leaders as well as the project

  • attempt to have strong friendships with key people

  • deal with a group of leaders, not just an individual

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