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Partnership Report

Thailand, Asia

THA01a - Good News Team

Report Date: April 23, 2019

Prayer News April 2019


Recent Events

Future Outreaches

Please continue to pray for our outreaches in June, July, and August. Ask for God’s guidance and open doors for when we plan the trips. Sometimes the local church has to change plans at the last minute, as has happened many times in the past. So we really need prayer!


Thai New Year

celebrating New Year

Songkran/Thai New Year Holiday 12-16 April: Songkran is the Thai New Year which is celebrated with country-wide waterfights. Traditionally, scented water is poured on the hands of elders, as a blessing and to show respect and gratitude.

Pray for safety during this holiday time. Every year it’s a peak time for traffic accidents around the country. NoiNon & Jeen and Bai will go to Buriram for a prayer and fasting camp during this holiday; please also pray for safe travels and a blessed time there.


New Bible Students

Our goal this year is to get 3,000 new Bible students to our program. In January and February we have already got applications from 513 new children and teens. Please continue to pray that God will help us reach this goal.



special time

Please pray for churches when they teach about Christ’s suffering and victory during the Easter weekend, especially on Good Friday & Easter Sunday. Also pray that our students would learn to understand the meaning of Easter. The Team has announced an Easter themed drawing/coloring contest for our Bible students/Facebook followers, and we’re also posting Easter themed material on our Facebook page.


Youth Camp 29.4. - 1.5. in Hua Hin

Pray for this camp organized by Full Gospel Churches. The camp is aimed for teens and young adults in the Greater Bangkok area, and NoiNon, Nut, and Bai will lead worship there. Pray that the campers will be encouraged and touched, and get new strength in their walk with Christ.


Personal Stories

Pray for the children whose letters you see here. Pray that they will learn to listen to God’s voice through his word, and grow in their faith.

Suparat (girl, 14): I know that God loves me, and that he won’t abandon me. He will forgive me when I do wrong and teach me to become better. He has given me a new family, family of God. The lessons are fun to study too!

Kamolphon (girl, 10): I love God so much and I feel so good that I’m in God’s family. I would like to get healed from my sickness, I feel bad for my parents that they have to worry so much for my health.

Siriphon (girl, 13): How can God be human and help us? I’m happy when I get letters from you. I feel more hopeful and believe that God can help me. From now on I will ask for God’s help in my difficulties.

Elisabeth (11): I’m so happy that I can study the Bible lessons. I will work hard to study all of them!

Orawan (girl, 15): Thank you for loving me and keeping in touch! It helps to strengthen my faith in God.


Kularat (12) and Thiparat (10) are two girls who study our Bible lessons. In March they decided they want to be followers of Jesus! Pray for these two new members in the family of God. Ask God to protect them and give them wisdom and courage when they face opposition. Ask for them to grow in faith and become the ‘salt and light’ in their communities.




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