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Vision and missionBright Hope World is committed to five core values that not only drive all thinking and operations, but also make us unique:

  1. We focus on the poorest of the poor

    It is easy for huge needs presented by people living in poverty to overwhelm, so Bright Hope World has committed to focusing our efforts on certain types of partnerships. Overall, we are focused on those who earn less than $US2 per day: the poorest of the poor.

    Beyond this Bright Hope World pursues partnerships that have the potential to break poverty cycles and deliver genuine transformation.

  2. We invest in strategic partnerships

    The core of Bright Hope World's mission is partnership, which is the defining principle of our operations. Partnership is a concept that is, unfortunately, not always implemented in Christian-based poverty relief agencies.

    Partnership is based on the belief that the parties have equal value – before God and in terms of capability. It is a recognition that a local person with a vision for, and commitment to, serving those around them will be far more effective than someone coming in from a foreign culture. It is a belief that local solutions to local problems will tend to be more successful and sustainable than imported concepts that fail to understand the nuances of local conditions, culture and traditions. It is about understanding that the agency's role is to provide accountability, oversight and resources, not to be the source of the 'bright ideas'.

    While this concept is relatively easy to accept at face value, it can easily be eroded in practice. In the absence of genuine humility and appreciation for the vision and giftings that God provides to people around the world, partnership fails.

    Bright Hope World operates by initially building relationships with locals who have a vision to reach their local communities. Through our field staff potential partners are identified and, typically, relationships are slowly built over time, long before any funding is provided.

    This process, which usually takes from eighteen months to three years, ensures that the integrity and reliability of the partner can be assessed, and their performance and commitment evaluated over time. Experience suggests that partnerships established hastily do not succeed in the long term.

    Once a partnership is initiated, our commitment is a long term one. Fast results and returns are not the focus, but rather the ability of the partner to deliver holistic transformation of their local community over a long time period. Bright Hope World will stay involved with the partner until this impact is seen and our support is no longer required, ideally because the project is completely self-sustaining.

  3. We are field-driven

    This value ensures that Bright Hope World maintains a constant focus on the needs of the poor, and does not allow itself to shift its primary focus onto serving the needs of donors. Donors are, of course, critical to the success of our partnerships, but we are unashamedly focused first and foremost on our partners in the field.

    This field focus also gives rise to a number of operational principles within Bright Hope World:

    • The initiative always remains at the field end. The role of Bright Hope World is as an enabler and a point of accountability. Bright Hope World does not look to impose 'great ideas' but rather to resource those that already have the idea and a proven track record, but lack resources.

    • The first question Bright Hope World always asks is, "how will it affect the field?" The primary loyalty and focus must remain on the field, and every decision must be considered in the light of its potential impact on our partners in the field.

    • Money does not buy influence. It is almost a defining principle of western civilisation that whoever has the money has the influence. Bright Hope World seeks to protect partners in the field from this notion. While we certainly welcome large donors, and seek to accommodate the needs and requests of these donors, this is never done at the expense of the needs of the partners in the field.

    • Field visits are tightly controlled. As a general rule, Bright Hope World will only take key leaders and potential leaders on visits to the field, with a Bright Hope World team member present at all times. This is not an issue of trust, but of experience. The potential – and history – of problems arising in the field during field visits is high, as people operating out of their comfort zone, and experiencing strong emotions can easily say or do something which can threaten the partnership or damage the credibility of Bright Hope World or the partner in the field. We also believe that excessive field visits can lead to a growing dependency in the partner on external input.

    • We respect and work within the protocols of local culture and customs. Avoiding a Eurocentric perspective in the field is not a matter of 'political correctness' but rather a core tenet of partnership. Bright Hope World recognises that requiring a local project to embrace western culture or customs is usually counter-productive and unnecessary. Building projects with an inherent understanding of the local culture and customs, and allowing them to operate in accordance with these – except where this would breach a clear biblical principle – results in better outcomes and the avoidance of unnecessary barriers to success.

  4. We emphasise sustainability

    Bright Hope World is focused on partnerships that are self-sustaining, although this is not always possible. Projects which deliver jobs to the poor, or which can restore dignity and self-provision through micro-loans or micro-enterprise are also favoured.

  5. We are committed to a low overhead structure

    This value is focused on ensuring that we operate on a 'lean' basis with overheads tightly constrained. Ultimately this value is about compassion. It is a recognition that every dollar we remove from the Bright Hope World accounts for operating expenses or salaries is a dollar that doesn't go to support the poorest of the poor. Keeping this reality constantly in mind ensures that every expenditure decision is carefully weighed and justified.

    In practice this value means that Bright Hope World spends little on marketing and advertising, and instead relies on the networks of people of influence. It also means that most of our team are volunteers who have 'caught the vision' and want to be a part of the work that God is doing through Bright Hope World. Many of Bright Hope World's volunteers work in other roles and give part of their time, unpaid, to the ministry.

    This approach is often challenging for those who have come from a secular business environment – as many of our team have – and requires a restraint and discipline that is not the norm in the commercial world. Because of this, Bright Hope World workers tend to be highly committed to the vision, and to serving sacrificially, which is a vital witness and sign of integrity to Bright Hope World's donors and partners.

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