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Report Date: June 6, 2014

Report from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitator


Project name/code:
ZAM07b Chifundo Orphan Care, Mchacha
ZAM23 Chipata Rural Church OVC, Chipata

Key people:
Lonard & Rosemary Daka
Norman & Hilda Tonga


Norman Tonga attended the Bright Hope conference we held in Kabwe in May and we had some discussions with him then about how the partnership was going. Unfortunately Lonard was too unwell to attend the conference and this visit we were unable to get to Chipata to see him or the children on the programme. 


Recent Events

Lonard's Health

Lonard has been battling stomach ulcers for a number of years and this year they infected his small intestines so he had an operation in late March. He remained in hospital for over a week and was on a drip. He is now at home but on a very strict diet, needing to eat fish and milk plus take many medications for the illness.

We have since heard that Lonard is returning to hospital for another operation in June. 

Bible School

The Bible school that the local churches are planning to create is slowly moving ahead. They have moulded 2,500 bricks and are aiming to run the first short courses in 2015. 

In August they are running a camp funded by the local churches to put up the structures for the college.

Norman says they need the school for training because there are not enough pastors for all the new churches. 

Farming Training

Before they were trained in farming they were a bit like babies, not knowing much. In the community where Norman lives his elder brother is the Chairman of the Farming Association and is helping to teach the people Foundations for Farming.

“People will learn not from teaching, but from the field”.

They ran some courses in 2010 but only a few of the people took on the new methods, others refused because they thought the method required more labour for weeding. Now seeing what the crops look like more people are interested.

They thank God because in the rural areas they can start to help the orphans through the farming. They are expecting very good crops after harvest this season. They are wanting to start training programs for the guardians of the orphans.

Church Planting

Islam has been very strong in the rural Chipata area, people are receiving many handouts from the mosques and also having school fees paid for if they convert to Islam.

Lonard and Norman have been praying to God as to how they combat the amount of handouts people get, school fees for younger ones and clothes for older.  Now some of the handouts are proving to not be eternal and they have stopped! This has given Norman and the churches the opportunity to share the true gospel and talk about Foundations for Farming which is eternal.

Lameck, a missionary in Chipata from OM, has been running training courses on how to communicate with Muslims which has helped a lot. Before the training when Norman talked to them he would just end up in an argument. 

When Norman goes back to Chipata after the Conference his local church is running a baptism ceremony where 20 people who have converted to Christ from Islam are being baptized. 


Personal Stories

Norman and Hilda Tonga

great coupleWhere Norman and Hilda stay is about 40 km from where Lonard and Rosemary live. He calls Lonard his spiritual father. Norman attended GLO Bible College in 1999 and after being trained with Lonard’s help they planted three churches. They have now planted 15 churches.

They started to help the orphans in the churches in 2003 and now over 10 orphans have completed Grade 12 and are doing well.

It was hard when they first planted the churches because they were like babies and couldn’t help the pastor or the orphans at all.

Norman himself was an orphan, his father passed away when he was in Grade 4. He had to finish school at Grade 8. He was passing the exams but because Grade 8 is secondary school he had to go away and pay for boarding school and could not afford it.

From his own situation and the grace of God he understands what the orphans are going through and has pity for them. Norman thanks God that even though he did not finish school God has picked him to use in this ministry.