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Report Date: June 6, 2014

Report from BHW Myanmar Partnership Facilitator following visit in March


Recent Events

Loan Programme

good recordsThe programme is off the ground and running with the initial money put into the loan programme now having been dispersed among a number of borrowers.

The group have regular meetings with repayments being made and new loans being considered.

Led by Samuel Thang the programme is already having a significant impact in several areas of the wider community. Samuel intends to expand the programme to include as many people as possible. 


Personal Stories


now able to send kids to schoolBeckham is a pastor in Dagon, Yangon, with a ministry in the local community and university in Yangon. He and his wife have four children.

In November 2013 he received a loan of about US$450 which he used to purchase a Chinese motorcycle. He often waits near the bus stop where local villagers alight after work and uses the motorcycle as a taxi. He can also run errands for locals and uses the motorcycle to get to and from the university where he does a lot of his ministry with students. His oldest son is also able to help sometimes.

About half the money he receives goes to make repayments on the loan.

All his children are now able to attend school and he has been able to save money to pay for the extra tuition.

He plans to repay the loan within two years and hopes to save enough money to get a car to use as a taxi.

Joseph Phgyi

great income generatorJoseph is another loan beneficiary. He and his wife have a small business pumping water to supply villagers in the community, few of whom have their own water supply. It is government certified.

He used the loan money to build two water tanks to support the water business where bore water was pumped from a well. He also bought another pump to support drawing the water.

The water is of good quality and can be stored in the tanks until needed. People can come to his house to collect it, or have it delivered in a large portable barrel.

Water is also now being piped through the village several hundred metres to the house of a local woman who is employed to sell the water from her home. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

We met several members of the loan programme who have taken loans which have then had a significant effect in their communities. Several have employed local villagers, often those who could not otherwise find work for various reasons, and have in this way contributed to the local economy.

One village of largely poor migrant workers now has a vastly improved water supply, and the majority of the programme beneficiaries have a large number of dependants who are also benefitting from the increased income.


Ideas for the Future

making a differenceA number of new loan projects have been tabled but it is up to the loan committee to choose which applications will be approved and in what order. Some of these include:

1) Nathan - who is pastoring a small church working among Burmese and Kacin people. He wants to start a brick making business.  He has good sand for brick making on his land. 

2) Benjamin - has retired and as he is healthy, he would like to raise pigs. Three of his children are missionaries. 

3) Jacob - is a church member in Hmawbi. He has joined, become a member but has not taken a loan yet. He wants to raise pigs by buying a pregnant sow.


Current Issues and Challenges

The committee has been discussing what action and planning they will have to make to cover for any potential problems that they might encounter. At the time of our visit they were discussing whether or not the committee would buy livestock together in order to make enough money to cover one applicants failure to start repaying their loan.

This type of decision is one that the committee will need to come to terms with as they learn about process and management in a country whose economic system has traditionally been kept under tight government control for several generations.

Agricultural projects are very popular due to the significant returns that are possible. They are also particularly susceptible to failure due to the considerable investment in just a few animals.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) That the programme has started and seems to be going well
2) That the leaders of the programme have the desire to expand it to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible and so impact their community
3) Pray for their ongoing growth and development as leaders, and for the wisdom and insight to make decisions regarding the programme and what applications to approve