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Report Date: May 30, 2014

2014 1st Semester Update - Samfya Bible School 


keen studentsRecent Events


We continue to thank God for the 23 students who have shown a keen interest in being equipped for ministry. These students progressed very well during the first semester. They were on two weeks break and have just returned for their second semester.  

Distance Learning Program

During the break we had a class of seven distance learning students come from the Central and Luapula Provinces. There were two female and five male students. The distance learning program is designed to equip Christian leaders serving with local churches with a Biblical foundation so they can effectively minister in the local church. 

keen to learnThe course consists of three stages per year and each stage has two weeks of instruction at the Bible School. It gives an opportunity for those who cannot come as full-time students but can manage to come for two weeks in April, August and December Holidays. 

The course grew out of the observations made by Bible School staff that most of the secular-trained Christian teachers posted in rural parts of Zambia are almost always given responsibilities of leadership at the local church yet most of them have had no systematic Biblical training. 

Extension Program

The rural Zambian Church is in a desperate state. Rapid evangelism and church planting with inadequate discipleship has led to syncretism, legalism and minimal levels of Biblical knowledge. Recognizing the need of the rural Church, Samfya Bible School has been offering a one-year Bible foundations course for rural Christian leaders. In 2013 the Bible School began offering a second year advanced training program. Still, the school can only reach a maximum of 25 students a year.

Driven to have a greater impact, the school is now in the process of developing a new extension teaching program. The program will be taken out into rural communities targeting 30 to 50 Christian leaders at one time. With the teaching capacity to target 3 to 4 communities in addition to keeping the school running, Samfya Bible School is hoping to reach over 100 Christian leaders per year. The School will be launching their first pilot outreach in March of 2014.  

learning new skillsWomen's Program

The women's program is going on very well and we thank God for Rebecca and Cecilia, Bible School teacher’s wives, and Megan and Carmen who have been involved in doing Bible studies and practical lessons with the women. Megan has been leading a weekly Bible study focusing on women of the Bible. Carmen has facilitated a quilting project for the women with materials supplied by Loving Covers, a ministry in the United States. Cecilia has taught the women how to use a knitting machine for making school jerseys as well as handmade rugs in lovely designs. 

just about finished

Building Project

Student Housing : We are happy to report that this project has progressed very well and we are on the completion stage.  The remaining works include painting of one house and glazing of all five units. We have just started fixing glass on all the five houses. These works have commenced and we hope to finish in a month’s time.

just about finishedMultipurpose Hall : With financial help from Riverbend Bible Church in New Zealand and World Gospel Mission, we have been able to paint and fit louvers and glass on this building. The remaining work includes the fixing of floor tiles and the buying of curtains for the windows. 


In July this year we anticipate Peter and Trish Dubrule joining the faculty. They will be helping in developing the extension studies and women’s program respectively. Peter and Trish will also be helping in developing a business plan for the school and the running of the guesthouse. 

planning magazine


We have been able to print the 9th edition of Natuleya Magazine and the first one to be printed at Samfya Bible School since this work moved to Samfya. We thank God for all who participated in the publication of this edition. 

Staff Development 

Francis completed his Biblical counselling training in South Africa and talking to him, his comments were, “The course was involving, but I think it was time well spent.” We plan to send Peter for a one year course in teaching methodology this year. This course is necessary for all the faculty members as it will equip them with teaching skills necessary for effective communication both in class and the local church set up. We are starting with Peter but our plan is to have all faculty go through this training.   

Levy is continuing with his Masters studies at the University of Lusaka. He will be writing exams for the first teaching stage this month and plans to proceed to the second stage God willing. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Pray for the extension program as we seek to implement it this year
2) Thank God for the returning students who have just started the first week of the second semester