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ZAM11b - Support of Dick and Anita Mumba: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: May 29, 2014

Report from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitator


We caught up with Dick and Anita when they came to the Bright Hope World Conference we held in Kabwe in May. 

Recent Events


In August last year Dick and Anita received a loan of 10,000 ZMW to set up a chicken run. They have experienced some issues with setting up the run as the birds they purchased have not performed as they should have. It seems they have not been sold very good birds from the local supplier.

Even so, the 100 birds are now laying okay and Dick has managed to make a first repayment on the loan as well.

The farm is still struggling with markets, and transport to market. Both Dick's boys, Jesse and Abram, are at the farm and they take the produce to town by bicycle. 


Current Issues and Challenges


Anita and Abram are still to sort out their residency permits, mainly due to the cost of about $800 per person. We are looking to see if we have funds for this.



Dick is wanting to build a ministry around the farm and for his family to be an influence in the lives of people around him but currently the farm and income are an issue for him.

He is looking at his options as to what to do next.