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Report Date: May 29, 2014

Report from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitator


We caught up with Gershom and his wife Jennifer as well as with Emmanuel when they came to the Bright Hope World Conference we held in Kabwe in May. 

Recent Events

much better lookingCattle

The numbers have now reduced to a herd of 20 and they are being kept at the farm that is near Gershom's house. The condition of the cattle is much improved from the last time we visited in 2012. Eight cattle were sold last year at an average price of 5,000 ZMW (US$800).

The Angoni bull donated by Barton Young is now the only bull and his offspring can be seen in the herd. (Photos are from Gershom's camera) 

lots of oil




300 trees are still being looked after on the farm. Last year the palm trees produced 60 litres of the orange pulp oil that was processed using the manual local techniques of crushing and boiling. The oil was sold to the local community which showed good demand. KERO farms expects to harvest over 100 litres of oil this year. 



The farm has developed a layers unit with 300 birds that is producing well. They have solved the problem of transport to market, as taxis bring the chicken feed out and then take the eggs to the market.


twice as goodThey planted 2 limas (1/2 hectare) of maize using the Foundations for Farming methods and 2 limas using the traditional method. They did this to show local farmers the difference between the new method and the traditional planting system. The new method is doing very well and they are going to get the local farmers to help with the harvest to prove the results to them

It is early to tell, but Gershom is sure that the Foundation for Farming method will be at least double that of the traditional method, a very good harvest. 

Beracah Orphan Care Programme

The main focus is now micro-loans for farming, fish trading and other businesses. There are 23 churches involved with each church having two loan officers and three caregivers, and a committee who make the decisions on who gets the loans.

There is currently a total of 180 loans, which has totally replaced the old orphan support programme. Gershom says the old support programme only helped 180 kids but now over 450 children are helped as the families have been empowered.

One family built a house and are sending 8 children plus 5 orphans to school from the micro-loan programme.


much improved Comments

It was great to catch up with Gershom and see the progress they have made since the funding from Bright Hope World for the farm ceased. The farm has been producing income, paying for wages and even starting to fund come courses for the Beracah programme.

Kennedy has now left and a new young man Emmanuel has been working on the farm for the last six months. He attended the conference and seems to be a good addition to the KERO farms team.