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Report Date: June 6, 2014

Update from Patrick Mulenga


Four months has gone by since we started cracking down 2014. Many things have happened, enough for the saints to join us in giving thanks, praising and shedding tears for joy as well.

Recent Events

Home Based Care

much neededCurrently 161 children are being assisted by this programme. 21 are being helped with school fees and transport to and from school, while another 140 are being provided with school materials. Of the 21, four are now at university, one at college and six at high school (Grade 8-12). The remaining 10 are all children with HIV that we provide care for and assist to go to primary school. 

We have had three new orphans join the programme this year.

Children's Programmes

In December 2013 we ran a Holiday Club for all the children (approx 200) for five days and on 1st June 2014 had a one day Sunday Special for them all.  


amazing ladiesWe have four ladies who work directly with the orphans and under privileged children. Grace Mulenga, Holinda Perisina, Laura Vitorina and Rosina (missing from the photo).

These ladies bring in new orphans to the project who are interviewed by Grace to see if the child could be included on the program.

The HIV patients are provided with a food parcel almost every month and these ladies are involved in packaging the food and making sure the food gets to the orphans. They also help the sick orphans to get to hospital and ensure that the medicine is bought.

With Shula leaving Mozambique to go work in Canada, we now just have three ladies looking after the activities/programmes for the children.  These are Florenica, Annabela and Jessica Mulenga who is the wife of our son.  Florencia and Annabela both actually went through the Kutwanana children's programme. 

exciting dayNew Work

As you may be aware, “There is joy or celebration in heaven when one sinner comes to the Lord”. On 10th of May, 17 believers were baptized. This happened in Zambezia province Mucuba district, which is 1,600 kilometres from Maputo. 

A new Mucuba Christian Brethren Church was inaugurated on 11th May 2014 in Zambezia Province. Prayer partners and supporters there is a reason for us all to shed tears for joy. Mozambique has been on the brink of civil war the past two years, travelling within the country has been at your own risk. On 4th May a team of four brothers from Maputo drove to Mucuba. After 800 kilometres from Maputo you have to stop and travel in dangerous to get toconvoy with military personnel in front and behind. When going the team went through, but when returning after one week the convoy they were in was held up for some hours and they came under fire. We called for the prayers of the saints, prayers ascended for the safety of Paulo Naene, Sebastian Cosa, Calado Carlos and Eliseu Marega, and many travellers in the same convoy. There were no injuries to the civilians, the target has been always to the Police and military personels. Thank you for praying. 


Personal Stories

An unbelieving husband can be dangerous while he is alive and a torture after death. A lady who had committed her life to Christ and to the work of the Assembly in our fellowship, lost her unbelieving husband six months ago. He had infected the wife with HIV before he died. The 33 year old is a mother of 3 children, an 11 year old boy, 8 year old girl and 4 year old boy. About 5 weeks ago, our sister was attacked in her house. She was striped naked and tied in front of her children and the house was robbed. It appears the friends of the deceased husband who used to drink together at home masked their faces and attacked our sister. Pray for her recovery.  

Domingos Lourenco 

looking after his sisterMy name is Domingos Lourenco. I am 19 years old. At the age of 6 my father left my mother. In 1999 my younger brother died while my younger sister was just a baby. My mother had become the bread winner, doing the business of selling fruit and vegetables. In 2005 my mother got sick, she could not give us assistance any more and was hardly able to support me and my young sister. It was around this time when my mother, myself and my young sister were helped by Kutwanana. In 2009, when I was 14 years old, my mother left for South Africa for business, leaving my young sister Alfa under my care. Since that time most of my help has come from church (Kutwanana).  

no parentsI do appreciate the help we have received and we continue to get from church. In 2011, while I was doing Grade 12, I met Jesus and the same year I was baptized. In 2013 I went to university to study Engineering. The church has been of great help for my studies. 

Finally my mother died in 2013. The last word I heard from her is when she asked me slowly if I could take care of my young sister. I said YES. She said bye and I left the hospital. The next day a woman called me to tell me that she had died.

Now I am with my sister, with the goal  to grow in Christ. I pray that soon I will finish my schooling, find a job and get married, building my own family in the name of Jesus.


Personal News

Shula Mulenga

On 28th April 2014 Shula left Mozambique, where she worked with the children's ministry and discipleship with the teenagers, for Canada. She will be working in the Reserve area called Pikangikum, Ontario, among the Native American or first nations people. Apparently they have never seen a black person. Pray for Shula, for wisdom, a good working relationship with other missionaries in the area and that the God of all nations will provide for her daily needs.

Monica Matipa

Monica Matipa (Grace’s mother) went to be with the Lord at the age of 86 on 31 March after three months of sickness. We just returned from Zambia after being with the family for three weeks. We are thankful to the Lord for the prayers of the saints which brought in good results for our travelling and God’s providence while in Zambia. Thank for supporting.


Plans for the Future

In July we are running a three day camp for the children aged 12-16 years.  

Current Issues and Challenges

Church planting and discipleship teachings are our priorities until our Lord comes back but we do have a need for more Bibles.

Our fellow workers who are local evangelists who have come to love the Lord, use bicycles in the interior remote of Mozambique. We needed 20 bicycles, 6 were provided in October last year. Pray with us that 14 bicycles may go onto the field. Bicycles are the only transport to get from one village to another with a box of Bibles.

Some of the children do not go beyond Grade 7 and it is difficult to know how to help these children.  Likewise it is dificult to know the best way to help young girls who get pregnant.  


Thank you for your support. Please continue to pray with us for this great work.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Patrick & Grace Mulenga