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MYA01c - Chinese Tractor for Income Generation: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: April 29, 2014

generating incomeUpdate from BHW Field Director following visit in March


Recent Events


This is not an easy partnership to fully understand. There are really two parts to it, a Chinese tractor and some land. The purpose of the tractor is to till the land to produce rice for the use of MCTS Bible School and for hire to other farmers to generate income. The purpose of the land is to produce rice for the Bible School. 

This last year the Chinese tractor has been more fully utilised than in previous years. 

now in chargePeter, the staff member who was in charge of the project until 2013, has gone to India for further study so last year there really wasn't anyone with experience to oversee it. One of the staff members, Van, is now responsible and he is learning a lot about rice farming. Last year a family was hired to manage the project. They are a very poor family and are paid for their work, this has given them full time employment. They lived on the property and grew the rice and operated the tractor. 

There have been some real challenges. The local people have not taken kindly to non Burmese people (most of the MCTS people are from hill tribe areas) owning land and farming in their area so there has been a lot of resistance and lack of cooperation. This will take time to overcome. 

handy to haveIt was a reasonable year for growing rice so the crop was pretty good. They harvested 100 sacks of paddy rice.  They grew more than 50% of their required rice needs and generated some extra cash as well, around 2 lakhs profit. 

The major purpose of this partnership is to generate resources, not just to own land or a tractor, so ongoing discussions are underway to work this through. 


Ideas for the Future

This is a little unclear at the moment. There are some decisions to make about the way forward. The issue is that there is a lot of development going on in the area and the value of the land has increased significantly. The return in value from the land is nowhere near what could be realised somewhere else.  

hard at workCurrent Issues and Challenges

The need to work through the best means of generating / maximising a good return from the value of the investment. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) A better year of production
2) That the following year will be a good one as well
3) For wisdom for those making decisions about the best way to generate income for the Bible school 


It is important that these issues are resolved. The land has probably more than doubled in value.