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Report Date: March 14, 2014

Update from Heirs of Grace


Recent Events

teaching the new testamentCare for the native Peruvian jungle children

We teach the Word of God to more than 60 native children. We completed the Old Testament last year and this year we have the goal of teaching the New Testament up to Christ’s redemption plan.  

much needed suppliesWe are grateful to you for the special offering that Bright Hope World sent for the children’s ministry in Peru.

We bought school supplies for the orphan and abandoned children and the children from extremely poor backgrounds. There was a need for school supplies because many of the children didn’t have any to take to school. 

love the food

We have helped close to 250 children, giving Christmas gifts to two native communities (one of the communities received gifts for the first time) and we also prepared chocolate milk and a biscuit for them.

new clothes


We gave new clothes to the adolescents. We bought new shirts and we taught them how to screen print them. 

Hungry kids

Keen to come

Children from the Pariachi Bible School, Lima

Every Saturday there is a group of believers who teach the Bible to more than 50 children. Their parents work and some of the children turn up without having eaten. We give them some refreshments to calm their hunger. 



Missionary children

much neededSome years ago now we started a ministry to the children of the Segadores missionaries in order to help them in three aspects of their lives; emotional, physical and spiritual. 

We work with 11 young people, 8 small children and 3 young adults.

Last year a young girl had an accident cutting her finger on some glass and was in danger of losing her finger. Thank God she had an emergency operation.

love presentsWe also help the children with a token offering for their birthdays. In the same way we support the children with school supplies. 

Yossué, 4 years old, (Inés and Gregorio Capucho’s son) was praying in the native community for a bicycle. He was really happy when he found out that we were going to give him a Christmas gift. The rest of the children were very happy with their Christmas gifts.



Thank you very much brother and sisters for your generosity in helping the Peruvian children.

God bless you!

Antonia Yalta