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Report Date: August 8, 2008

Recent events


The orphans grew some maize this year but less as there are many young ones and the older ones have gone away to boarding school. The younger ones are in school in January / February at the time they can help most with weeding.

Partnership information

Three children left the programme having sat the Grade 12 exams. One passed well and is now hoping to get some help for further education.

At the functional level there are 10 volunteers who form the core of Chifundo and 6 who are part of an intercessors team. They visit and pray and respond to the needs of the children and the circumstances they discover. The intercessors pray for 2 hours per week but if there is an issues they may meet for up to two days or until something happens that is of the Lord.

Personal stories/testimonies



Annie is the last born of 8 children. She lives with her sister Liveness and her mother (aunty). Her father died before she was born. She is 24 years old and failed to pass Grade 12. She speaks a little English but is not very fluent. She is a single girl and goes to the Catholic Church. She goes with her sister.

She loves reading the Bible and going to youth group and singing. Around the house she cooks and cleans and looks after the younger children. She would like to learn tailoring but she has no sponsorship to do that. She joined Chifundo in 2006 and was involved for 2 years. She is very thankful for the sponsorship from Chifundo and is disappointed she did not pass Grade 12.

She is concerned that a lot of young people do not follow God and wants to encourage them to understand that God loves them and has a purpose for their lives.



Aaron is 15 years old and is in Grade 8. He started with Chifundo when he was in Grade 3. He stays with his grandmother. His parents died when he was just a small child. He goes to Mutewe Bana School. He is very small for his age.

He loves reading and especially school text books. He also like English and can read in English and ciNyanja. He talks a lot with his friends, mainly about school subjects. He goes to the African National Church.

He wants to become a school teacher. He is quite clever and easily passes his exams. He is obviously a shy boy and lives a fairly sheltered life.

Life impact indicators

- children sent to school: 55
- orphans added to the programme: 3
- families helped: 44
- adults assisted: 3 very old men with grandchildren in the programme

Partnerships influence within the community/community response

Chifundo has become recognized as the primary care giver in the community. The community leaders are constantly asking for assistance. Three schools have asked for help to build buildings and many families and children are being turned away.

There have been some real changes in the attitudes of people in the community. In the villages the impact of HIV education is starting to take effect. There are less deaths now than previously. ARVs are having a positive effect. Many people, especially Christians, get their status tested before marriage.

The introduction of mosquito nets and the use of pit latrines have all contributed to better health in the rural areas. This has diminished the reliance on witchdoctors and medicine, there is less reason to go there. Fewer children are dying of dysentery etc.

Prayer and praise points

1) For the children that are being helped
2) For Steven, Lonard and Norman and their dedication to this partnership
3) For the community and their continued education on HIV/AIDS
4) For the change in attitudes and the benefit to people who are educated about HIV/AIDS

Current issues and challenges

1) How to meet the needs of the community.
2) There is a need for more people to become involved. They have limited it to 10 at the moment, but if there were more resources they could add more 
3) More resources to increase their capacity to care for people