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UGA02b - Pangani School Development, Kween: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: January 23, 2014

Report Received from CFC-CCM


Greetings and happy New Year 2014. It has been a while since I communicated to you about what is taking place this way. Thank you so much for the support.


Recent Events - Pangani (UGA02b)


At the end of 2013 I had two meetings with the parents of Pangani Primary School in Kween over the approval of the Term I 2014 budget and general issues pertaining to the school. They have already got some of the educational facilities and the parents are very grateful.

The school has gained favor in the region such that parents from distant areas pray that it is made a boarding school to enable their children to have a chance to study from it. Thanks be to the keen and devoted teachers. There is high hope for academic improvement among the pupils unlike the previous years when Kween has been ranked among the last two districts in Uganda in academic performance. 


We had door to door outreaches and open air meetings (crusades) in Kween for eight days, i.e. in Chetere, Chepsukunya and Ngaryamuet. A branch church has been set up/planted at Ngaryamuet. 

We also visited the prison, army and police barracks in the area. We have been allowed to offer fellowship (a kind of church service) to the prison officers and inmates. They demanded Bibles so I am looking into our budget to see if we can afford 20 Bibles for this cause. 

NB: The Bibles need to be in different languages majorly English, Swahili and Luganda.


1) A seminar has been conducted in Pangani CFC for both old believers and the new converts won during the door to door and open air meetings.

2) I have had orientation in scheming and lesson planning for teachers of Pangani Primary School. They are not professional teachers. We have also handled preparing materials for the education of pupils.

3) Training for Sunday school teachers to help children grow spiritually will be run from 15th -19th January 2014. They will help in morning devotions for Sunday school and also with the inmates in prison.


Recent Events - Busia (UGA02)

Large Micro-Finance (UGA02a)

So far three people have been availed with new motorbikes and one lady has had her new house enclosed with metal doors and windows including louvres. 

Two parents have accessed loans for higher education for their children. One lady is dealing in the buying and selling of dry foods especially maize.

HIV/AIDS Intervention

Thirty people who are HIV positive are to be availed with seeds (maize and beans) for planting towards the end of this month in preparation for early planting during the first season.


Some five students are already back to their institutions for their courses. Others are yet to join.  


All these are due to your continued support. Thank you so much.