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Report Date: January 20, 2014

Harvest Partnership Newsletter - December 2013


Recent Events

Kenya (Pastor Bob and Shaban - Kensha Football Outreach)

On the Kenya coast we have a plot of land and the water is now on.  Shaban and the 100+ Kensha boys are working to grow crops.  December’s project was a long drop toilet etc to be professionally done for safety’s sake. Early 2014’s project: a one room building constructed for some boys to stay in to guard the crops etc. Shaban has a vision to make a long verandah from the room so that they have a Bible study and prayer place. Jehovah Jireh. He knows that the All Blacks (New Zealand rugby team) have finished the year as No 1 in the world, so he wants his street teen’s football Kensha team to do the same.  They have ended No 1 in their league as well, and are to go up a grade!  

Pastor Bob is “our man” in West Kenya.  He travels widely from Uganda to Tanzania, and the islands of Lake Victoria.  We await the news of his latest island visit.  He is a “people’s man” and much fruit is coming from this ministry.  They have printed 7,000 Bible Reading cards for the churches to use in 2014!  We value his faithfulness and vision.   

East Congo and Burundi (Abel, Alimasi, Pascal, Munga and Daniel)

Abel is with the family in Bujumbura.  The Lord has blessed us and we have been able to send a bit more money these past months for him to buy some furniture and beds for the home so he is very happy. The Congo and Burundi men had a family break from Dec 20 till Jan 3 which was great because they are away from home so much!

We have recently printed 2014 Bible Reading Cards in Congo Swahili and Kirundi - the Burundian language.

It has been a joy to add Daniel in Bukavu to the team of Congo Coordinators this year.  In my absence the work has grown and Abel has proved to be an able leader in practical and spiritual leadership!  



This Christmas we remember He was prepared to become a human baby because He was prepared to become our eternal Saviour!  This new year calls us to prepare to serve Him and His purposes and truly make it “This year of our Lord”. Together let’s make history in Jesus’ name!