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Report Date: November 27, 2013

Letter from Tino and Nelda


Dear Bright Hope World,

Forgive me for being so long in writing to you.  I have been away from Camiri and the work and time restraints have kept me very busy. However we have now finished everything this year and we are a little freer now, but we aren’t forgetting to care for the churches that have been planted recently, they need caring for because they are still young in the Lord.

I want to say how grateful I am for the support, both spiritual and economical from you. This is truly from God, because it is very special for us that you have been, in reality our sustenance for a long time now. I am still unable to understand how God uses believers from so far away to serve humble servants in Camiri.

This encourages us more and more to be faithful to the Lord and to serve Him and others. Thank you for your love demonstrated towards us. He will pay you back far in excess of what you give. 

In regards to our health, we are getting a little better. We have a project of going out to new places to preach and disciple in the next few days. 

Thanks for everything.  Our love to you. The Lord bless you.


Tino and Nelda