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Report Date: November 27, 2013

Update from Camiri Trades Training Institute


Recent Events


The workshop building is now virtually completed and the toilets will be going in soon.  

Starting construction

walls up








getting there

close to being finished








ready for students








Efrain has fixed up the shop nicely. A number of tools have already been purchased and the tool room has been set up in a very orderly manner.

well ordered

plenty of tools

and more tools

pit hole

As they don't have anything like a big hydraulic lift there is a long pit in the workshop area where mechanics can get under the cars and work standing up. Currently Efrain is working on installing lights in the workshop area, including illumination in the pit. 


keen to startNew Profiles

Efrain has been appointed as the director and will also be one of the teachers. He is married to Janet and has two children, Misiel and baby Abigail. 


Plans for the Future

The project development is marching on well and they are planning to commence classes in March 2014. Efrain has already been visiting High Schools in Camiri advertising the classes. 

Initially the Bible School chapel will be used as the classroom until they can get a roof up on the second level of the workshop and at least rough in the classrooms. Efrain is also eager to get tables made as these will be used as desks because initially he will be using benches from the chapel for class.