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Report Date: July 20, 2008

Recent events

Dick and Children


This partnership is a personal support project. Dick and Anita are working with YWAM to establish a base in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Four of their children are living at home with them and the eldest, Jesse is at boarding school. He is 16 years old. Abraham, 13 and in Grade 8, Michelle 9 and in Grade 2 and the twins Esther and Rachel 5 and in preschool are the home kids. They are full of mischief and chatter and laugh and giggle a lot.

Anita is still running Shalom Community School and caring for the children. She is very busy. Dick does some YWAM teaching at some bases in Zambia and Malawi. He supports Anita at the base, does all the errands and is planting a church in the area. Sometimes he backs up as a teacher as Anita is the only permanent teacher.

A German girl, Stephanie, has been with them for 3 months and leaves in one month. She is a trainee teacher and has been of great assistance to Anita. It has taken a lot of pressure off the team having Stephanie there.

Some Zambian volunteers came at the beginning of the year but have since left. They could not cope with the pressure of the work and they did not receive enough financial support to continue.

Dick has acquired a piece of land in the Chipata area and they are planning to stay there long term. This is good news for the establishment of a base. Eventually he wants to move out to the farm and to shift the school out there too onto another piece of land. 


Mumba Family

Personal stories

One mother had two sons at the school in the past before Dick and Anita came to Chipata. One of them carried on with school. One of the boys was quite naughty and distracted. The mother was so upset with the boy she came to them and asked if they would take him into their family because she could not control him. One day the naughty one ran away from school and they went to find him. They decided there were two issues that had to be dealt with. One required discipline and the other one required prayer, so they initiated both at the same time.

During the prayer part of the strategy, the boy started to tell them of the terrible dreams he was having at night. He constantly dreamt that he was carrying people in coffins and it made him very frightened so he woke in the morning tired and in a bad mood. They realised that there was a spiritual issue and continued counselling to find all the details. They called a team to pray and fast and the boy was delivered from the demonic influence and gave his life to Christ. He is a very different boy today, no-one can believe the changes that have taken place.


Life impact indicators

- children sent to school: 40
- orphans added to the programme: 14
- families helped: 32
- churches planted: 1
- new Christians: 15 about
- baptisms: 5 in a week or two



Prayer and praise points

• The help that the German volunteer has provided in all aspects of their lives
• The real help that the BHW support has made to them
• The number of people who have been saved at the church plant


Current issues and challenges

• The daily pressure of work. They are stuck on site if no one else is there. 
• Wisdom regarding some decisions in the near future regarding the work of the school and church.
• Finding someone permanent to help at the school.


BHW personnel comments

It is obvious that Dick and Anita are working very hard and need more support both financially and in the work they are doing at the school. The struggle is with managing a school and planting a church at the same time.

Dick is a clear thinker and is working through funding models for their own support and for the sustainable development of the school. He has a great deal of enthusiasm and he will come back to us with the plan.