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Report Date: August 15, 2013

Harvest Partnership August Prayer Newsletter


Recent Events

East Congo and Burundi (Abel, Alimasi, Pascal, Munga and Daniel)

1) Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for Abel – he is focused to develop the work in Bujumbura and needs to know God’s plan and heart.

2) The Lord has answered prayer so we have been able to begin helping Abel buy furniture etc for their newly rented house. Please pray that this month more will come in for us to send to him on the 20th.

3) Pray for his back pain following recent travels. 

4) Pray for God’s provision for Daniel (ministry float $250 and support $350 per month) as he needs to take over the work in Bukavu which Abel used to spend the whole month on. He is a married teacher who has brought his family into Bukavu from Kalehe, where there is much rebel activity. Daniel has been our Kalehe representative since 2008.

5) Pray for the printing of the Bible Reading Card in the Burundi language – for the resources to create and print it. We aim to help many new churches. Most churches we have helped in the past use Congo Swahili.

Kenya (Pastor Bob and Shaban - Kensha Football Outreach)

1) Western Kenya: Pastor Bob is still faithfully and with vision visiting many. He is a great encouragement. He still needs money for the house and we are researching how we can safely send the first payment.

2) Bob has been busy from the Uganda border to the Tanzania border visiting pastors and teaching their leaders. One man thanked him profusely saying that his marriage was on the rocks. Then Bob came and taught them daily Bible Reading – and he said that when they did that the Lord healed their marriage!

3) Nairobi: We need a co-ordinator there. We see Pastor Meshack who is a good friend in the Lord and has an outreach in the Mathare slum. Pray that the Lord will prepare him if he is the one to do this!

4) Coastal Kenya – Mariakani: Kensha is still growing with more than 80 boys now. Their team is winning most matches. A lady wants them to have a girls team as well – we are not sure about that! Shaban has been in Nairobi seeking a school for Alfan (his youngest brother) and Mohdy, the converted Moslem lad.

5) Shaban encourages the churches we train in Mariakani. Pray for their growth and zeal to bless people.

6) Shaban has told us that there are five teenage boys in the Kensha Streetkids Outreach who have not been able to finish primary school – God has provided two families for two boys. Trust God with us for sponsors for the other three – only $50 per term! This is needed now so they can do catch-up studies before the September term.

Uganda (Reuben, Alan, Aloysius)

1) The work in West Kenya is developing well in Rukungiri (Reuben). They are grasping mobilising the church in action as opposed to individualism. Pray for teens at school as they have Bible reading groups there.

2) Alan is in Kampala and is evangelising and using our training to disciple the new converts.

3) The one year Bible Reading Plan needs to be printed in Bugandan. Pray for this to come together.

4) Pastor Aloysius is faithful and envisioned in Lugazi. Pray for the growth of the work in the other churches we have trained in Lugazi and for the pastors to want to develop their people as active disciples.

5) Pray for the young Christians including Hassan, and Abraham who mentors him, and the youth at Busia.

Rwanda (Pastor Theo)

1) Pastor Theo is encouraged by what is happening in the churches where our program is going. Recently a number of baptisms have taken place at Ruhengeri.

2) There is great potential in Rwanda - more than Abel can handle alone. The Lord has a way!