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Report Date: August 8, 2013

Report by BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitator


Dick and Anita finished at the Village of Hope in Chisamba in December 2012. They have moved back to the family farm in Chipata, aiming to make a living and also be a light towards God for the community.


Recent Events

Now has waterThe Farm

They have been busy at the farm, establishing the house and the farm. 
• They have moved all their belonging to the site 
• They have sorted out a pump and water tank plus taps to help with watering of the garden
• They have dammed up the stream to provide a pond for a source of water
• They planted an acre of sweet potatoes but unfortunately an ant like pest has come and basically destroyed most of the crop
• Planted ¼ acre of spinach, but there was no market and so they ended up giving most of it away so as not to waste it.
• Currently they have some off season maize that is ready for harvest mainly for family consumption
• Red onions that will be ready by October which is when the market is very buoyant

The markets have been an issue, with Dick still working out the best way to go. Shoprite will not take from local farmers but the SPAR supermarket does, especially organically grown produce. Dick is exploring the idea of setting up a stall in the market place for his produce, and also looking at the expensive game lodges in Mfuwe National Park which is about 80km away from his farm. 

The Community

Great farmA lot of people have been coming to see what they are doing. Dick has been informally trying to help the people with some instruction on farming i.e.:
• He asks them “did God forget to put fertilizer in the garden of Eden” or did he put it in the grass and leaves and manure
• If you shave your head in the hot season you get a headache. How do you think the land feels when you remove all the covering from the ground by burning?

Some ladies turned up with a daughter who was very upset because a “black thing” kept harassing her. Dick saw that they were not in agreement with the gospel and were attending the spiritualist church. This has caused the girl to have demons, and they asked him to help remove the demons. He talked to them for some time but because the husband was not there and he didn’t have his permission he did not want to pray, otherwise the demons may leave, but would come back with a vengeance unless the family turns to the gospel.

The local school has been thankful as Dick and Anita have been providing them with some chalk and helped with the new toilet block. At some stage Anita wants to set up a library of books at the farm for people to come and use, and also give some extra lessons to students who need help. Anita says she just wants to help the children to read, as that is the main issue with education in Zambia, it is not teaching the students to read. 

The Family

Growing upJesse has finished school and has been on the farm helping with the daily jobs. He applied for the airforce last year but was rejected at the final stage. He is in the process of applying again, this time not as a pilot but as an engineer.

Abram has been accepted to a Christian college in America where he will go to study computer software engineering. The course is fully funded and even the flights will be reimbursed. He has an issue in that because he is no longer at school he needs to get a permit to stay in Zambia.

Michelle, Rachel and Esther are still being home-schooled by Anita. They are doing okay but don’t get off the farm that much, i.e. they haven’t left since December. They do have some friends from the community who come to play with them.


Personal Stories

From the Shalom School (ZAM11a) that Anita and Dick used to run:

Wilson Banda (Grade 10) and Mattius Banda (Grade 8) have been in contact with Dick and Anita. These two school boys are amazing Dick as they themselves have planted a church in a very rural area of Chipata. In fact every Sunday they leave at 5:00 am to cycle for 3 hours to get to the church, and then cycle back again.

Wilson Banda (not the same boy as above) has done very well in Grade 12 and has managed to go to Elveyn College in Lusaka to study computer science. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

The community has been welcoming of Dick and Anita into the community. Many people are asking them to be part of a church.

The school has been very thankful for some donations Dick made by helping with the toilet blocks in the school.


Plans for the Future

They are about to start with 100 chicken layers, which should give them a daily income. Dick is busy preparing bricks for a chicken house and has requested a loan to buy the chickens.

At some stage in the future they want to build a small cottage so that people can come and stay for a break in the area. This would be targeted at missionaries. 


Good cropsCurrent Issues and Challenges

• Lack of solid markets for the produce
• Lack of transport into town
• Visa issues for Anita and Abram


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Pray for wisdom for Dick and Anita for finding markets for the organic produce from the farm
2) Pray for a solution for transport of produce, and transport for the family to get to town and a church
3) Praise for Abram being selected for the university in USA
4) Pray for visa and immigration issues for Abram and Anita as the rules have changed and they have to reapply, this costs about US$1,000



The Mumbas are still settling into farming to be their means of support while looking for opportunities to start to show God's light to the community.