Zambia, Africa

ZAM18a&d - Samfya Bible School Agricultural Teacher: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: July 30, 2013

Report from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitator


We visited the school when the students were out on break and the teachers were also away so we walked around the school with Mark Brubacher.  Bright Hope World no longer financially supports the school.


Recent Events

• There are currently 27 students at the school. Of these 5 have returned for a second year of study, where the school is offering a more tailor-made course depending on the requests of the students

• There is a new lecturer called Collins

• Aaron, the agricultural teacher that Bright Hope World supported until last year, has now gone. Mark Brubacher has been filling in but they are looking for someone to start full time next year.

• They have received more funding to construct five more chalets for the students, which is needed given the number of students this year.

• There has been another staff house constructed, with two more planned

• The school has been running short courses on a variety of subjects in the holidays for people that want to come



• The farming unit has shifted to the opposite side of the road. They are currently in the process of constructing a layers unit, piggery, village chickens and vegetable production unit.

• The students all work in the farm each day for 1.5 hours to help. The vegetable unit has sold over 300kg of produce in the last three months.

• The broilers unit currently has 120 chicks. It had been going very well until the chick supplier ran short so they missed out on three batches.

• Water is now metered and is very expensive, although this has meant that the supply has been more consistent.

• The farm has been producing profit for the college of around US$5,000 per year and they hope to extend this to US$10,000 in the next two years.