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Report Date: July 26, 2013

Report on the work with the children in Pariachi, Lima


Dear fellow believers, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus, desiring that God keeps you in good health. This report is to inform you about the ministry with the children that is taking place in Pariachi, Lima. 


Recent Events


Regular kidsThe attendance of the children varies, some Saturdays a lot come, other Saturdays less come along but we always have around 40 faithful children. The majority come from homes with lots of problems, and that are not Christians, families that are very poor and are badly malnourished. 

Subjects Taught

The subjects that we teach are from Firm Foundations material and with the help of the Lord we have arrived at the New Testament. This was a great blessing because we were exactly in the month of December when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

The pre-school class for 3 to 5 year olds are taught other subjects suitable to their age, laying down a Biblical base.  

Love readingChildren

The children come along full of happiness and a desire to hear the teaching and learn the Bible texts. Although the intellectual level of some of them is low and they have difficulty to understand, or they forget quickly, it is a joy for us to see that they are punctual in arriving and that God is enlightening their minds. We know that the word of the Lord that we sow in their hearts will not come back empty. 

Visiting Homes

On the 29th November a team of three of us teachers visited the children and parents in their homes (this is the San Francisco hill in Pariachi, Lima). The children received us with heaps of happiness and led us to each of the houses of the children who regularly attend the Bible school. We spent all afternoon with them and with the mums who we found washing the clothes by hand. For the majority of them, this is their work. 

New cookWhen we came down from the hill a mother, who had come to her work, asked us; “why don’t we go to the other side of the hill?”. She said to us that there are lots of children that need to be taught the Word of the Lord and no one goes there. We have placed that need before the Lord waiting for His direction.  

New Cook

We are grateful to the Lord for bringing sister Julia to the children’s ministry that in spite of all the trials and difficulties she has, is faithful in her service each Saturday preparing the refreshments for the children.  


Personal Stories

Margot is a girl who used to attend the new entrants class but some time ago stopped coming. We found her close to her home and very sad and she told us that her mum wouldn’t let her participate in the Bible school. She told us that she would like us to visit her home to speak to her mum, but her mum hadn’t yet returned from her work. She accompanied us the whole afternoon repeating to us her desire many times. She was really pleased to see, as we all came down from the hill, her mother returning from work. She ran towards her pulling us along by the hand in order to reach her mother.

Pray for this young girl who has so much desire to listen to the word of God but her parents won’t let her go. There are lots of children who don’t have the support of their parents.  Some of them don’t come along because their mothers work washing clothes and they have to stay home to look after their younger brothers and sisters. 

Cannot readDiego is a 7 year old who comes from a very poor family and has had to leave school because his family changed homes. He no longer studies, doesn’t know how to read and can only write a little. When he is asked he speaks very little about his family. He likes to learn and forces himself to write the texts in his painting book. Pray for him and also for the rest of the children, that God would help them understand his Word.


Partnership's Influence within the Community

Some of the parents of the children are grateful because they see a change in the lives of their children and they see their children waiting anxiously on Saturdays for the time to come for them to go to play and learn the Word of God.

The very same children give testimony that they have come to know more of God and believe in Him. They understand that they are sinners and that salvation is only through Him.”In Him I will find the peace that I so desire”, says Lisbeth. “This is like our second home” say others.  


Prayer and Praise Points

1) The physical health of the teachers and their families
2) The health of each child and head of the family that they would come to truly know God
3) That God would continue to provide food and materials necessary 


Thank you very much, brothers and sisters, for your prayers and support.