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Report Date: June 21, 2013

Update from Patrick and Grace


Greetings in the Lord’s name. Thank you for praying for us. We have been away to Zambia for five weeks. Many are the changes we found back home, some for better while others not as we expected. Nevertheless we had sound fellowship with the Brethren we managed to see. Tears of joy, laughter of memories. We were filled with joy and praise to our God as we met our children in the faith, testifying how the Lord has been good to them and their families.


Somebody would ask, what is happening in Mozambique? One of our Elders who is a policeman would answer and say:

1) Our country is marked the third most corrupt in the world
2) Lawlessness is in every corner of the country
3) Doctors have been on strike for almost two months

Upon returning to Maputo we found two sisters in the Lord very sick in their home without seeking medical attention due to the doctors strike. Doctors have been on strike demanding a pay rise. The situation has been pathetic in hospitals, nurses just wait for people to die. The situation is bad and we need the prayers of God's people.

Last night I was called by an Elder to say that one of our brothers in the Lord was sick and that he needed help to go to the Hospital. Arriving at the Hospital we were welcomed by patients all around the Hospital unattended.

Meanwhile the main opposition party is up in arms. Yesterday six of the national army were killed in central Mozambique by the main opposition party security personnel. Please remember to pray for the nation as things are not good.


God bless
Yours in Christ,

Patrick Mulenga