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Report Date: May 21, 2013

Camp Moriah Newsletter May 2013 


Recent Events

Mentoring program

Helping each otherCamp Moriah is a discipleship program that is involved in mentoring where the student gets a one on one session with their respective mentors. This is mainly done to develop a bond and team work, it also done to help in finding solutions in some personal solutions. 

Each mentorship group has a minimum of four members and a maximum of six. This has gone further to a sub group of two accountability partners.  This mentorship program  has helped in changing lives  because  it has helped in making some burdens to be lighter  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work. If one falls down, his friend can help him up but pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up……..two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.)

Mission outreach

Sharing God's loveMission outreach involves reaching out to people who are both within and outside the surrounding area with the aim of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to those who never know about Jesus Christ and also to encourage the ones who are in the faith. Indeed it was by God’s plan that we found ourselves at Camp Moriah where we learn a lot of skills and boost the courage to stand before people and also a gathering /congregation and talk about the gospel truth of Jesus Christ. The main aim was really not to convert people into Christianity but to create awareness among people that there is a living Christ. 

We do home visits as we once did in a neighboring homestead and we are still yet to visit more. At the homes we disciple and pray together with the members of the home, sing various songs to encourage them and after that one among us shares the word of God. All this is accompanied by some gift as we also learn the art of giving. 

Reaching outWe also reach out to people through sports i.e. football. We participate in a tournament at Magwar Trading Centre (main shopping centre), our main aim was to show people the art of sportsmanship and playing a fair game without fouls unlike them who played rough football. This also attracted lots of people and brought the sense of a fair game, our main purpose was to play a game in a Godly manner as it brought the idea of brotherhood to them. Our prayer to God is that He gives us grace in all we do and all the activities we engage in and provide us with the strength that we need (Hebrews 4:16). It is our wish that you join us in prayers, for the harvest is plenty and the laborers are few. Luke 10:2 

Bonventure Ochieng  


Personal Stories

Alfred Omondi 

Learnt to be responsibleI became a Christian in 2002 but my life in salvation has faced a lot of challenges in that I used to backslide every now and then and go back to the old days. I have been struggling with drugs (mainly miraa/khat) and alcohol besides peer influence in high school and primary school. Vengeance and unforgiveness for every wrong done led me to plan retaliation that was so wicked. 

I have been rude to my family members and I am not on good terms with my family members (my sisters). My coming to Camp Moriah has made me learn a lot. My life has been changed greatly by a big margin because I am now able to forgive when I'm wronged, am no longer interested in drugs and am now free from the grudge I had kept with my sisters. I am able to make decisions on my own without the influence from my peers which most of the time is usually negative. 

I have learnt to be a responsible person because now I can weigh my decisions and the consequence thereafter and in all this I put God first and make it a priority to please God and not man. I am able to pray confidently, fast (which I have never practiced before) and I can now read my Bible frequently. 

Maurice Okoth 

Keen guitar playerI became a Christian in 2002 but my life from 2003 -2008 has been through a lot of backsliding. I was greatly affected by peer pressure, am so much into secular music and ladies. I once was told by my peers to have a puff of sportsman (cigarette) which introduced me to smoking but I abandoned the behavior. I used to disturb students and the public at school and in town in the evenings when going back home as I was in a day school. I remember clearly how I harassed ladies in town after I cleared my high school national exams. Together with my friends, I harassed the public by mugging and beating them, the police were alerted and they came after us and it was luck that I was not arrested.  

I have learnt about God and what pleases him and am willing to share with the society all that I have learnt and most of all I thank God for granting me the chance to reconnect with him once again.  

Some of the bitter challenges that I encounter is losing some of my important friends who are not yet born-again and also sacrificing some of the things e.g. time and self. The thing that I find to be so important about salvation is that in a way my life has been preserved because one of my best friends was killed as a thief and it was as if I was following the same path but thank God He preserved my life by the chance at Camp Moriah. I also used to take revenge but I would say day by day I am growing away from this character. 

Babra Susan 

Changed lifeBefore I became a Christian I was hiding under my father’s salvation who is a pastor and is ever praying for me. As an individual I used to go for raving (night club dances), I loved being with men and I was an alcohol oriented girl. I used to have friends as a priority and I was strongly affected by peer influence. The thing that I feared most was shouting my salvation or rather standing before people and telling them that I am born again because I feared how they would start viewing me as a Christian. 

I was a girl who was full of lust, was obsessed with fashion, loved secular music and took Rihanna as my idol, worshipping her. But life changed at Camp Olorien. I was to go for a bash but I chose to go to the camp and that made me step into the frames of the church. 

I was encouraged by a friend to get saved but this was encountered by several back-slidings. I have reconnected myself to God at Camp Moriah and through the help of a counselor I recommitted my life to God. 

Being in this place (Camp Moriah) has helped me to read the Bible because I now know my stand. I am learning to know other peoples’ personality, and have learnt how to pray appropriately and be sincere with God. I have also learnt another life away from the city i.e. farm work among others. 

I still find secular music as a challenge and losing my friends who are so close but are not yet saved.