Peru, South America

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Report Date: April 4, 2013

Update from Severino Malimba


Church plantersMy esteemed brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, for us it is a pleasure to greet you once again in the name of the Lord Jesus, our Saviour and may the richest blessings be with each one of you my brothers and sisters.

After greeting you I will now go on to communicate the following:

I am working continually in the Lord’s work in agreement with brother Godofredo from the CBC church. I travel to different villages in the provinces of the department of Cajamarca. Within the province of San Pablo, I go to El Plato, El Ingenio, La Capilla de Unanca, Pena Blanca, and Chota Alta; there are 5 congregations in total. In the province of Bambamarca there are 2 congregations in the same village. I also go to a community in Auque and also to a village called Chanta Alta that is part of the Encanada province.

In these places, with the help of the Lord, I preach salvation and the forgiveness of sins that God gives to those who believe because they see what God has done, a lot of people repent and are baptised and others return to the Lord after years away from Him.

I give thanks to the Lord for two things, brothers and sisters I am grateful for your support of the work of the Lord in our country and that there will be people saved for the glory of God. Brothers and sisters, the other thing I am grateful for is your financial support for my wife and I. Thank you brothers and sisters, may the Lord bless you and I ask for your prayers for the work of the Lord and for us too. 

Greetings from your brother in Christ