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Report Date: March 13, 2013

Update on Harvest Partnership


Recent Events


Bukavu on Lake Kivu:   Abel once was able to spend 30 days a month in Bukavu but with his Great Lakes regional ministry 10 days is now his maximum.  He has introduced Daniel to us, a teacher from rural Kelehe whom he developed as a leader.  Daniel has moved into Bukavu and Abel is mentoring him to see if he is a possible fulltime coordinator for the Greater Bukavu area.  Please pray for this process and for wisdom.  

Uvira and South Kivu: Alimasi & Pascal - both are rejoicing that their wives are “with child”.  Alimasi’s house has only 2 bedrooms – so we are looking for a larger house and we trust for support for them for this.  $120 per month!  Please pray.  Pascal's marriage last year has made him free to travel to distant churches to encourage and teach them with Yohanna caring for the children.  The roads and hillside tracks are terrible – pray for safety. Pray for Congo & East Africa Bible funds. 


Abel & Anita:  They have decided their home base for the present will be in Bujumbura especially for the family’s medical needs.  There are new churches to develop in Burundi.  As Regional Director he visits East Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, and develops the work where it doesn’t exist in the Great Lakes as well as mentoring the coordinators in those countries. Alex, a coordinator in Burundi, needs to find a new house for his family after a fire where they rent.  They lost a lot of basic bedroom requirements.  Please pray. 


Abel encourages Theoneste, one of the leaders of the Good News Churches. We have trained one small suburban church in Kigali and one in Ruhengeri where Theo pastors.  Pray for the progress of these two churches and for more churches this year, including reconnecting with the Evangelical Friends churches. 

South Africa

Pray for the new church being planted at Kwakwa with Joseph and Gift under Pastor Sipho. It meets in a tent.  We have trained them to set their contacts into daily Bible reading so they grow deeply.  Also pray for young Christians in their 20’s: Joel (Kamohelo), Lionel and Bongo – that they will grow in faith and be true demonstrations of followers of the Lord. 


Shaban and the Kensha football outreach:  The school that gave them a match playing field and let them practise has changed hands and they no longer can use this – pray for a replacement and that the boys will not be discouraged.  Also pray for their spiritual growth and for Pastor Willy who is the chaplain. Shaban has 8 street kids staying in his house.  Eddy has been able to start school locally so he can continue as Shaban’s assistant. 

Pastor Bob in Kisumu (Kenya West) is a great inspiration.  He works with 50 or so pastors in a wide area.  In April he will visit both Lugazi and Busia in Uganda to take them on from where I taught them last year.  Bob urgently needs $19,000 to buy the house built on the plot where his church is - otherwise they lose everything. Pray this in and fruitfulness on his West Kenya, Tanzania and Ugandan visits. We need more leaders like him! 

Bibles and Bible Reading Cards:  Pastor Bob is attending to the printing of the Bible cards for Kenya and distributing them around the country.  Pray for regular gifts to come for Bibles – most urgent. 

Schooling:  We now have a big group of teens and twenties we are helping through their education while encouraging them to be active disciples of Christ.  Pray for our resources for this ministry. 


In the west in Rukungiri with the Emmanuel Churches – Allan, Justus and other leaders are involving 6 churches. There are Bible Reading groups run by the teenagers in secondary schools.  Also remember Pastor Aloysius and others in Lugazi as they mobilize their churches – and Hassan the new convert who needs work, and is discipled by Abraham.  Also Pastor Fred and Christine in rural Busia. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) We are still waiting to hear if Alimasi and Chance have been blessed by their new baby which is officially 3 weeks overdue.  Pray for a safe delivery and good health for our dear family in Uvira East Congo.

2) Brother Allan in Uganda is getting married mid April so pray for his wedding and marriage. Abel will plan to get to Uganda and Rukungiri then, while closer to the end of the month Pastor Bob [Kisumu, Kenya] will visit the churches in Busia and Lugazi in East Uganda.

3) Shaban has recently advised that there are a group of 24 boys who want to join Kensha which will mean there are more than 80 boys involved.  Please pray that the Lord will provide somewhere for them to practice and the equipment they need. The ministry is growing and their aim is to enable the boys to learn more about the Lord.