Bolivia, South America

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Report Date: April 4, 2013

Update from Tino Villaroel


Busy coupleI am writing you this letter, after such a long time, firstly to express my gratefulness for the support you give us, both prayer and economic support.

Thanks to your offering we can work in the Lord’s ministry to which we are commended.

Thanks to your prayers we receive blessings from the Lord; we can say that every day.  He protects us and gives us opportunities to preach, disciple, teach and also to help others.


Recent Events

Church planting

The new church in Camiri (The Upper Room) is growing and the neighbours have recently started visiting.

In the countryside it is even better; we can see fruit for the Lord. On the 23rd of December another new church was born within the Guarani community called YTAPENTI.

We continue taking care of the church in Monteagudo. They already have elders but we are not about to abandon them so we visit them each month.

2013 studentsWe have ceased to visit Cuevo for the moment because we are very busy and also because of health problems. 

Bible school

The Bible Institute commenced on the 4th March, we are currently into the second module. We have 21 students that the Lord has sent us; 2 from Uruguay, 4 from Argentina, 1 from Peru and 14 Bolivians.

We are very busy in the ministry, we ask for your prayers so that we are able to carry out what God wants and desires.

Great guy

Dairy Farm

There are currently 20 milking cows and a number of calves on the farm. Jaime, the farm manager, does his own artificial insemination and has created a strand of cow that has long floppy ears and will eat thorns and branches! The local university send their agricultural students to the farm to be taught from Jaime in regards to the various aspects of farming.



I also want to inform you that for a time I was sick, firstly with a problem of high blood pressure, and then secondly, hearing, and then sight, so that now I am now using hearing aids and glasses. 

But what can we do, that is life, and at no stage has the Lord abandoned us! The final thing is that I have had pains in my legs and I went to the traumatologist doctor, he referred me to a neurologist and he, in turn, sent me to have some x-rays taken. This revealed that I have three hernias in the discs of my spine and they told me I need an operation, but I am not in agreement with that. On one hand it is very expensive and on the other hand it is risky.


Please forgive me for the lack of communication with you. We always pray for you and your desire to support us. Thank you once again.


With much love in the Lord,

Your fellow believers,

Tino & Nelda