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Report Date: February 13, 2013

Update from Patrick



Recent Events
Rain causing misery

Rain and flooding is causing misery, confusion and panic to the community in Maputo, Mozambique as it continues to rain. The water is claiming many houses in the community and the church and all the Kutwanana Home Based Care buildings are under attack. The Emmaus correspondence office and the sewing room have been taken over by the water. Soon the entire floor of the mission centre will be flooded.  The water is not draining away and has built up over the past three rain seasons forming a lake in the middle of the community which has become a breeding place for mosquitoes. 

The government has been removing people from the area since 2010 and it looks like the mission centre will now have to move as the area is becoming a health hazard for the orphan children and the buildings are weakened by the water. 

Dead too soon


Death of student 

On a sad note, Aulina Homo a 24 year old lady who was due to start her third year studying accounting, has gone to be with the Lord after a short illness. She was sick for a day with high blood pressure and then passed away on 29 January 2013. She was an intelligent young lady and a brilliant Sunday school teacher who will be missed.



Prayer Points 

Much prayer is needed regarding the situation caused by the flooding and the likelihood of having to move the mission centre.