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Report Date: November 21, 2012

In October 2012 further funds were sent to Pakistan to help provide food packages and blankets following devastation caused by more flooding this year.  


Food packagesGreetings from Pakistan.  I am just wanting to inform and let you know that God enabled us to visit three most affected villages. Here are some details.

We left Rawalpindi on Friday 2nd November at 3pm and reached the affected villages around 9pm, but we had informed the families where we were going to spend our night.

The next day, on Saturday, myself, Akhter and Sunny went to the main city called Toba Tek Singh and we asked the store keeper to make 70 food packs of 32 kg each.  In each sack was rice 2kg, sugar 3kg, oil 2kg, floor 20kg, lentals 2kg, Cpinces 500g, salt 1kg, tea pack 250g. Each food pack cost nearly PKR4,000 (US$45).

Grateful for foodOur goal was to reach out to as many most needy families in different villages.

After packing all the food parcels, Sunny, one of our assistants, rented a donkey cart to transport these goods to the affected villages (because of the way to the villages and cost a donkey cart was better than using a truck).  

In the first village #322JB (some 100km from Fasilabad) 25 families were helped.

In the second village #521  (some 129km from Fasilabad) we were able to give out 23 food packages.

Grateful for foodIn the third village #529 (some 135km from Fasilabad and 25 km from where we bought all the food packages) on Sunday we were able to distribute the remaining 22 food packages. 

The funds we have left will be used to buy and distribute blankets in December. 

Azam Gill