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Report Date: May 15, 2012

Samfya Bible School - 1st Quarter News


Recent Events

step to sustainabilitySteps to Sustainability

As part of the Bible School’s goal to become more financially self-reliant, we have initiated an income generation agricultural program for the school. We are excited to report that 200 layers arrived on Friday. We expect to make about $4,000 per year from the sale of eggs to help pay for the running costs of the school. The old school dining room has been converted into a hen house. We are therefore really praying that the new dining room will be completed shortly so that when school opens in the second term, the students can start using it. Term 1 finished on 13th April and most of the students have gone home to see their families for a 2 week break.     

nearly finishedBuilding program update

Since the last newsletter, the multi-purpose building has really advanced and we have now reached the roof level. The remaining work includes plastering, electrical, windows and door frames, and plumbing. We expect it should be completed before August 2012 if the funds can be raised in time.

Other projects that are underway include a house for volunteers who are expected later this year, a new 3 bedroom faculty house and a classroom block which will contain three classrooms.  

special visitorsSpecial visitors 

We had special visitors, Joy Houghton from New Zealand, her daughter Delwyn who lives in Zambia and her granddaughter, Ainsleya. They came to stay in Samfya for 4 days in April. Joy and her husband, Stuart, were missionaries at Samfya Bible School from 1960 to 1986. Stuart passed away in 1986 and is buried on the Samfya Bible School grounds. They taught at the Bible School and Sunday School and were involved in Scripture Union camps and medical work at the Bible School. After the death of Stuart, Joy continued the work with local elders until she returned to New Zealand in 1988.

Their visit was a great reminder of what the Lord has done through his church over the years. 


past studentPast Student Update – William Mwaba Mwape  

William Mwaba Mwape came to Samfya Bible School in 2004. He lives 1 km from Samfya Bible School with his wife, Mary Mwape. Since his graduation, he has been involved in door to door evangelism in the outlying areas of Samfya and in local church leadership as one of the elders at Mwamfuli Church in Samfya. In 2011 he was part of  a team of evangelists which started a new church plant in Samfya South. Currently there are about 80 believers and the church has continued to grow.


Academic coordinatorMeet the SBS Staff 

Peter Bobo Chomba is married with 5 children. His eldest, Paul, just finished college and is in Lusaka. Peter and his wife, Jennifer, have served at Samfya Bible School for 12 years. 

He is the Academic Coordinator at Samfya Bible School and is also coordinating the Chaba Orphan Care Project across the lake.  


Prayer Requests 

• Pray for more students next year. We have only enrolled nine students this year. The major obstacle has been financial constraints on prospective students. 

• Pray for Luapula Bible School's retreat which begins next week at Samfya Bible School. 30 faculty and board members from Luapula Province are expected to attend. Part of the program is to come up with the theme for the Luapula General Conference which will be held in August and also to harmonize working relationships between faculty and board members as we share our successes and challenges.