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Report Date: March 27, 2012

Update received from Segadores


Sad News

Unfortunately last week the Asheninka village of Buenaventura asked us to discontinue working with them right away. This happened in a village meeting where three of our leaders attended in order to explain why we were moving Macedonio to San Fausto, and Gregorio would replace him in Buenaventura.

The chief acknowledged that we helped his village in many ways (schools, feeding programmes, etc.), but that the village did not want to hear more of the Word. They preferred to continue with their drunken feasts. Villagers hurled several false accusations at Macedonio (which he calmly clarified), and wanted him to leave the two missionary houses, and many other things, for them.

An agreement was finally arrived at for leaving one of the houses for the village, plus an electric generator, and several other things valuable for them. Now our missionaries are taking apart one of the houses and carting the materials to San Fausto to build it there for a village health post. 

Our Board has given Macedonio and Nita a three-month leave from missionary responsibilities, encouraging them to seek God in a special way in order to learn what God is wanting to teach them through this unexpected turn of events. As a Board, we are also seeking to learn important lessons from this set-back in the work.

The chief in San Fausto, and the tribal chief in the region, have expressed their appreciation for all that we have been doing for their communities (which encourages us). We also realize that we are not the first missionaries to be rejected by the people that we have helped sacrificially. We leave that in the Lord's hands, and press on, seeking to serve the Lord better than ever.

Please pray for us, and especially for Macedonio, that God might turn everything around for the furtherance of the Gospel.