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Report Date: August 24, 2011

Pakistan's families endure new flooding


More floodsEmail received from Edward Qasar

On Sunday India released more water into the Sutlej river submerging dozens of villages in Ganda Singhwala area of Kasur. According to the Federal Flood Commission (FFC), a flash flood of 57,000 cusec of water in River Sutlej at Ganda Singhwala in Kasur gushed through submerging several villages. The water discharged from the Indian side increased the water level to 18.5 feet at Kakar Post, while 57,000 cusec strong flash flood was passing through. The flood marooned several villages including Ganda Singhwala, Mahiwala and Pattan severing ground contacts of these areas with the outside world. 

On Tuesday, India spilled more than 70,000 cusecs of additional water into River Sutlej without prior information to Pakistani authorities, inundating dozens of villages in Ganda Singhwala area of Kasur district.

More flooding

Water experts said that New Delhi, in sheer violation of the Indus Water Treaty, released more than 70,000 cusecs of water into River Sutlej on the Pakistani side which mounted its level to an alarming level and washed away dozens of villages in Kasur after creating an emergency flood situation in the entire area. “The water level in River Sutlej is speedily mounting up as more water is coming from the Indian side. The Pakistani authorities have set up flood camps in the endangered areas of Kasur to overcome any possible mishap,” a Punjab government official said.

The flood affected people in the district are still facing difficulties in obtaining relief, help and assistance, besides food required to survive. Over 20 villages were inundated after a huge 50 feet wide breach occurred near Imamwah south in Goth Bagrani of Tando Ghulam Ali in district Badin. The stranded villagers have strongly protested against the irrigation department over their failure to take effective steps to plug the breach. 

More floodingOn the other hand, the flood affected people including men, women and children have taken refuge on the roadsides in Badin district waiting helplessly for the relief, food and drinking water for survival. But the authorities appear quite apathetic to the urgency of the horrible situation.

The flood victims complained that they had received no food to eat from the administration and the relief materials being distributed in the camps located at urban areas. Some of the affectees said the relief goods and food they received was too meagre to meet their requirements. The affectees of Pathan Kot and adjoining areas also staged a sit-in on the Badin Highway blocking traffic to protest the non-supply of relief material.

Helping victimsMeanwhile, the floodwater is gradually receding in several areas of the district.

We visited the flooded areas and helped them with food and clothes, distributing 100 packages into victims families. We were the first people who helped them. Unfortunately we did not have enough funds to help everyone there. 

Please pray for the affected families.