Bolivia, South America

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Report Date: June 15, 2008

Report provided by Mark Mattix, US missionary from Facultad Biblica Bible School in Bolivia.

Tino has been putting good effort into a church-plant in Monteagudo, a town of about 20,000 on the road to Sucre about 4 hours west of here. He goes every month with Jaime Flores and they take along some Bible school students. They also go to Cuevo southeast of here an hour away where there is a group meeting and it may turn into an assembly. They have followed contacts from Cuevo to three other places:
1. Santa Rosa, across the stream from Cuevo, a Guaraní town with a historic Franciscan church where the public health officer is a believer, Gabriel Mayaregua. His father-in-law is the chief man in the town and there is an open door there for the gospel for the first time. 

2. Chimbe, a Guaraní community south of there, where the chief man and his wife are believers. They have had a couple of meetings there and have seen people saved. Planning a small conference there this month. 

3. Tabayerupa, further south from Santa Rosa and Chimbe, where there are some haciendas and some friends and relatives of Jaime's live. There are a few Christian homes there and they have had good meetings and are pursuing contacts with other farmer/ranchers. It is a remote place, difficult to reach, inaccessible from January through April. Christian folks from there have been helpful in the new work in Chimbe, particularly offering material help to some desperately poor Indian families.

Recently Tino was speaking at a big conference in N. Argentina. He went with his wife, Nelda, and they were able to visit two or three other places too and enjoyed fruitful ministry. They were gone for over a week.
They also spent several days visiting assemblies to the North of Santa Cruz in four places. These are places who have students studying at the Bible School or who have had in the past. Tino's preaching gift is developing beautifully and I am happy to see him getting broad acceptance among the assemblies.