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Report Date: August 8, 2011

Update from Patrick and Grace


Greetings in the Lord’s name, thank you for your supportive prayers, we are writing from Cape Town, South Africa, experiencing the cold of Cape Province.  


Recent Events


We have gone half way through 2011 and we have witnessed many things the Lord has done within six months. We do make use of the freedom of worship we have in Mozambique in spite of Islam having a strong foot in the country.  The year began with the week of prayer and it was well attended and a lot of encouragement. At the end of the week of prayer, it was felt that each age group within the church should make an effort to present Christ without shame within our community and that it should be our life style. Please join us in giving thanks to the Lord who has given has everything we need to reach the community.


HIV/aids continues claiming many families and putting more children on the streets of Mozambique. At the beginning of the year we had 10 new orphans coming into our church programme and getting into our church mission centre. 80 orphans are doing grade one to grade four, 20 are in grade 5 and grade 6 at the nearby Christian orphan school, while 100 have gone into government schools.

It is amazing to see those who were babies few years ago are now teenagers with Bibles in their hands.  We are thankful to the Lord for the children’s work and widows. We do appreciate  the support of material and funds we have received to give hope to them who were hopeless.  We are thankful to the Lord that you are there for us, thank you that you gave.


We cannot tell the whole story, what we are able to say is to thank the Lord for sparing Patrick for some work. Your prayers were felt when Patrick got up from Maputo hospital bed into a wheel chair to the car driven to the airport into the plain to Durban hospital. Something happened between the hospital and the airport, for him to be fit to get into the plane.  Patrick has been away for ten weeks in South Africa for treatment from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome and stomach ulcer blinding. Thank God for the prayers of the saints. Patrick and Grace will be returning to Maputo on 8th of August.


Further update 17 August

Thank you for your prayers for Patrick and the family, we are back in Maputo after 10 weeks away from work. We give thanks to the Lord for a good number of new faces we have found in the assembly and more than 15 new believers will be baptised soon in September.  

God’s way of doing things is the best (Rom 8:28) - the Elders have been doing a fantastic work, carrying out pastoral work, Bible teachings, Sunday school, prison ministry and the orphan project.  

Join us to pray for the following items:
1) The Elders to continue serving the Lord without looking back
2) Patrick and Grace are applying for permanent residence this month; we value prayers that our application should be approved
3) Patrick's full recuperation, his face is not as yet straight completely, he has a bell noise in the right ear and tears in the right eye