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Report Date: June 15, 2008

Report provided by Mark Mattix, US missionary from Facultad Biblica Bible School in Bolivia.

We took the Bible School students to Villamontes a couple of weeks ago at Octavio's invitation. There was a full house there. We were happy to see the work flourishing.

Octavio was working seriously with seven brothers from the assembly in Villamontes doing discipleship and grooming them for elders, waiting on the Lord to see who might step up to that responsibility. Then our Gideons from Camiri went to Villamontes to start a Camp of Gideons International there in Villamontes. All seven of those men joined the Gideons and now when Octavio asks them for help or encourages them to take responsibility in the church they reply that they are too involved with Gideons to help so he is sort of back to square one.
He would really like to be able to share out responsibility for the local church so he could give his best efforts to reaching the rest of the Chaco. This is a vast area of far-between cattle ranches in the extreme SE corner of Bolivia. Octavio is the only one who has preached the gospel there, working his way southward from Boyuibe in a sweep covering everything between the train tracks/highway and the border with Paraguay. That is why he moved his family to Villamontes a few years ago, to more easily reach the remaining southernmost part of the Chaco. For one reason or another he has been thwarted in this purpose and stuck in Villamontes but evidently this has been the Lord's doing because the assembly there has experienced a great revival. He is now itching to get on with his great passion of reaching the Chaco with the gospel.

We have enjoyed having Octavio and Justina's daughters at the Facultad Bíblica. Now their third daughter, Kandy, is studying with us.

Yours in Christ,